Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nail mani of the week & FOTD

Double whammy post today guys, just cos I'm on the run and won't have time later as I'll be trekking cross country to go home.

Ok, first up is my nail mani of the week. I'm a huge fan of leopard print at the moment, don't ask me why. Last night I actually (shock, horror) had finished my work early and had the evening to myself for a change. So, cue me sitting down to watch True Blood (what do people think of that, by the way?) and rooting around my nail polishes for two shades of the same colour.

I went for my tried and trusted favourite, No 7's Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Pearly Pink as the base, Avon's ColorTrend Colour Me Pretty in Flash, and Nails Inc's London Nights for the black leopard spot outline. Topped off with Barry M's 3 in 1 clear topcoat.

Here's the finished product:

It is really, really easy. Honest :)

1. A coat of No 7 on all nails. Let them dry.
2. Use the brush in the Avon bottle to create wiggly shapes on each nail. I got about 5 per nail. Let them dry.
3. Using a dotting tool, dip it in the Nails Inc and outline parts of the shapes you've created. Not complete outlines though. Let them dry.
4. Complete with a top coat. And ta-da, you're done :D

And then to my FOTD:

I used the 120 Pro Palette for the eyes. Felt a bit adventurous today :) And for the lips I used Avon's Pro To Go lipstick in Frozen Rose. I think I've posted this look before but not 100% sure. Anyway I've got to run to an Equity lecture so I shall hopefully blog again sometime in the near future.

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. You have great attention to detail! Your nails look fabulous!