Saturday, 3 October 2009

Oh my days

Sheesh I just almost had a major catastrophe on my hands! Does anyone else's university use eVision? Bloody thing. I went on there a week or so ago to make sure my Direct Debit was set up for my accommodation payments. It said it was. I went on there tonight and it wasn't :S If I hadn't have checked I would have got chucked out of halls! Rubbish!!

Bought a textbook today. Practically £30. And a bunch of study packs. £24.50. I forgot one. That's another £6.50. And I've got another textbook to get at £33. Bad times!

But on the plus side, I'm FINALLY (GRRR!!!) getting my deposit back from the house I had the misfortune to live in off campus during the last academic year (despite having moved out in early April and the contract being up at the beginning of July). I'm gonna stop there or I'll start ranting.

And Amazon are depositing a nice £26 in my account for a book I sold last week. Get in. Plus I start work next week so shall be getting some more cash. It'll pay my two outgoings I guess.

Oo and I got my timetable today. 3rd year and I'm only in for 8 hours a week, or 10 hours every other week starting at the end of the month. But I suspect my free time will be spent in the library. Awesome. Talking of which, my weekend is going to be spent doing copious amounts of reading for EU law and Equity and Trusts. The former already being called boring by a number of fellow students. Fabulous.

It is ridiculously late. Why did I choose to live in accommodation so close to the bar? It's too noisy :(

Until next time,
Dottie xx

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