Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hello readers :)

I'm all moved into halls now. I have a nice room :) Yay. And it's dead quiet. Double yay, with this being 3rd year. Mum & Dad offered to pay for my grocery shopping on Sunday. Get in!! And took me for dinner. Good times. Had a fab time Sunday night, followed by Freshers' Fair on Monday followed by lunch and lots of shopping in town :D Discovered the largest Gosh range in Superdrug - but refrained from buying any more haha. Promptly semi destroyed my university ID card but can still get into my block so all is not lost. Yet. I refuse to pay a tenner to get a new one! Checked my Amazon gift certificate balance to find I have enough to pay for at least one of my textbooks :D Yayyyy. I think the only downer to this week so far is the impending doom that will no doubt be my ridiculous timetable.

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. eBay is great for textbooks... so expensive aren't they? I still have all mine - should have sold them really. Too sentimental LOL!

    Have fun settling in!

  2. I've got one from there, but my uni use books nobody ever sells its dead annoying lol. Yeah they are ridiculously expensive. I've flogged most of my old ones :D

    Thanks :)