Friday, 11 September 2009

Dear Flock, you saved my internet browsing experience

Oh my dear, dear readers. I have been saved from browsing hell and anguish. I've been an avid fan of Firefox for some time now. Years in fact. But recently crashes have become more frequent. My browsing experience has been somewhat dogged and slow, where opening links and tabs used to take a split second, now they take minutes. And before the tech savvy amongst you pounce, yes I cleared my cache, temporary internet files, cookies, private data etc etc, however to no avail. But alas, CNET has restored my hope and faith in internet browsing. I saw a link for Flock, a browser that boasted excellent social networking features. I thought why not give it a whirl. I was so glad I did!!!! It took all of 2 minutes (if that) to set up. Oh and the wonders it bestowed on me! Feast your eyes:

1) It works. Flawlessly!!
2) I can now effectively multitask in 1 tab
3) I can search for media, i.e. on YouTube without going to a new tab first
4) RSS feed, mail & social networking notifications don't negatively impact on my browsing experience. All in all I LOVE it!!!

Unlike Firefox, there is no add-on for getting rid of web advertisements. But I suspect it is only a matter of time until this is rectified. This is such a tiny thing though, I really don't mind in the grand scheme of things!!

Ignore the con. It is nothing. What is not to like about this browser? It's built on Firefox, so you know its worth checking out and it is instantly familiar.

So, what are these new features of which I speak?

1) The sidebar is fab because I can switch between Facebook, Twitter, (also Myspace if any of you use it; I don't) RSS feeds, favourites/history, and even write new blog posts (from which I blog as I type) and upload photos. And it doesn't negatively impact on my browsing experience at all. It also means I no longer need to use Tweetdeck. Fab.

2) Also in the sidebar, the RSS button and the webmail (we're talking Gmail, AOL mail, Yahoo mail) button both glow orange when I have new feeds or new mail. A quick click and its right in front of me.

3) I can view my history and favourites in the same bar, as well as access my various accounts that I've logged into to use in Flock, i.e. Facebook, Blogger etc.

4) A handy feature that I've just found in the sidebar is the web clipboard where I can drag text, links and images to save for later use. That will save me opening up OneNote or Snipping Tool.

5) There is a bar at the bottom of the browser that enables me to use Facebook chat and see my notifications when I'm not actually using Facebook, i.e. I am say, browsing eBay. Very useful!

6) One of the best things about Flock is the media bar, which opens at the top of your current tab with a click from the sidebar, and I can instantaneously search for things without opening new tabs and it brings up the relevant results from say, YouTube or Flickr. Excellent.

7) The default homepage in Flock is 'My World'. This is a page arranged in columns where I can see my most visited websites, my favourite media and the latest from my feeds. I can even do Twitter searches. There is also a search bar, much like the mini one in the browser near the address bar.

8) At the end of the address bar there is an email button, to email the current web page to your contacts, if you so desire.

9) Firefox's much loved search box is also exactly where it is in Firefox. You can choose a default search engine, and have others at your fingertips. As you type in the search box, it brings up results from your favourites, your history, Yahoo search and Twitter search automatically.

10) Talking of Firefox, as Flock is based on the aforementioned browser, you'll be pleased to see that its just as easy, if not easier to use, as its options are the same.

11) Finally, Flock is aesthetically appealing, silver and blue - no other themes available as of yet, but in my opinion you don't need them - and none of the fabulous features it boasts slows it down. Fastest browser by far that I've used.

I really cannot stress to you enough how great this browser really is. Try it!! You really will not regret it!

Check it out:

Until next time,
a very satisfied Dottie xx

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  1. Looks pretty hunky, Dottie! Will give it a go!! :)

  2. I forgot to mention that it's very good for the multitasking and dare I say it, procrastinating, law student!