Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Calling all believers, and quite possibly skeptics too

Two words. National Lottery.

Those of you in the Derren Brown fan club will know what I'm on about. I'd quite like to know how many of you (that are fans) are going to buy a ticket for the Wednesday draw?


Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. .... Thing is, Dottie, if Mr Brown is correct in his prediction and we ALL buy a ticket and aLL of us win we'll end up with aobut 2.50 each!

    ( ooo, arent I a CYNIC?!?)

  2. Yes we realised that. However I'm hoping people don't bother because of that and then all the winnings will be miiiine muahahaha. To spend on erm law textbooks and erm things...

  3. My Dear Dottie,

    I fully suspect that an expansive lottery win by your good self will inevitably result in the conspcious purchase on lots of,well, THINGS (other than law books), really!
    PS: Spare a thought for a saggy old minx lusting after a tub of Benefits extraordinarly wonderful exfoliant ' Bum Deal' will ya? Im almost out and having withdrawal symptoms!!

  4. Aww if I win, I'll send you two! :D

  5. Humph...I'm sure he won't be wrong as he'll look pretty stupid but I'm sure he'll be offering an explanation of how it was done, thus preventing us from winning anything 'for real'

    Cynical much? :P

    (saying that though, Im tempted to buy a ticket!)

  6. Hehe I bought one but as he is only predicting 5 numbers, you've got to be one very lucky individual to have the final 6th ball!