Monday, 7 September 2009

My weekend

I wouldn't normally blog about my weekends. They're usually pretty darn boring. But this was somewhat of an exception. Yesterday was my 5-and-a-half-month old cousin's christening. I had some lush new shoes to go with my dress.

Aren't they gorgeous?!!

Anyway the good news is a) they went with my dress, and b) I managed to walk in them alll day, which was rather good as I haven't worn in heels in months!

Now to the interesting bit. The vicar, who looked like a man but was actually a woman, kept getting my cousin's name wrong... then she started waffling on about sat nav and likening it to the journey through life... I suppose that's the effect technology has had on the church. And then she started going on about swine flu. When it got around to the actual putting holy water on the baby's head malarky, she got his name wrong again. Methinks someone didn't have their Weetabix for breakfast! Deary me.

Any my hilarious great uncle, (no, I'm not being sarcastic, he is actually side splittingly funny!), has decided I am not a proper student, as I have not drunk out of a fishbowl. Right you are...

So dear followers, tell me, have you ever drank out of a fishbowl? Is this a typically studenty thing to do? Wait, of course it is. But the question is, have you? Why? And how did this come about? Answers in a comment perlease :]

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. My Dear Dottie,

    Your shoes look absolutely FAB, I am GREEN with envy!!

    It doesnt sound as if the vicars so much as eaten the weetabix as SMOKED it!

    Cant say I've ever drunk out of a fishbowl - but I have drunk dilute orange squash, which looks a bit like wee, out of a bottle usually sent to the labs for analysis in front of new student nurses - which of course caused several to throw up, and two to faint! Honestly, its a great trick!!

  2. Absolutely lovely shoes! I've got to find a couple of new pairs for work... but its so difficult to find heels that don't murder your feet by the 6pm.

    I was going to suggest the Vicar might have had a litle too much to drink but I like Minxy's suggestion better!

    Never in my life have I ever drank anything out of a fishbowl... and I don't know any student who had a fish (or two) for a pet.

    Also have to say I adore your background, its very - for lack of a better word - dreamy.

  3. Oo I know aren't they lovely? Oh tell me about it, it can be such a pain trying to find shoes sometimes. Good luck on your shoe hunt!

    Hehe my uncle said she'd perhaps had a bit too much communion wine but I too prefer Minxy's suggestion.

    Me neither. An odd idea for sure.

    Thanks :] It's from