Sunday, 20 September 2009

Nail colour of the week

Hey everyone :)

I finally got around to changing my nail polish, and as I've been wearing quite neutral make up this week I decided to go for a neutral nail polish. I actually bought this particular polish last weekend and its the first time I've tried it. The polish in question is No 7's Speed Dry Iced Mocha. Great consistency, great brush, great colour.

I applied one coat straight onto the nail. Because I was photographing it I didn't use a topcoat. Here it is:

In shade

In natural light


It's £6.25 for 10ml, which usually I'd avoid price wise, but that £5 No 7 voucher was begging to be used so I got it for £1.25. If you're looking for a polish with true staying power, I'd definitely recommend it, however it's a shame they don't do a larger range of colours. I went to a large Boots store and all they had was reds, pinks, and browns. I don't know if they do any more but I shall keep an eye out.

I've got a couple more nail polishes I want to try out but I've got a busy week this week getting ready for going back to uni next weekend, a hair appointment, might squeeze some shopping in if I don't spend all my money on eBay, and then I'm off to Nottingham on Friday to see Michael McIntyre. Phew. So if you don't hear from me, assume I'm very busy, and then it's Freshers Week next week so I think radio silence can be expected until I get into the swing of getting up early and attending lectures. Oh yay!

Hope you're all well!

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. I love No7 nail polish but as you've mentioned it is a little bit on the expensive side. Theres this gorgeous pearly pinkish colour that looks absolutely fabulous. Its my favourite colour because it look nice with anything and its perfect when I have to go to a big 3/4 day event as it looks great with everything and I don't keep having to repolish nails.

  2. Is that Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 30 Pearly Pink? I LOVE that colour so, so much, and it has great durability :)

  3. Hey Dottie,

    Yes it is! Sorry for the late reply... not been spending as much time in blogworld since I started working. Hope your course is going well.


  4. Hey, no problem. How's work going? My course is going well thanks, really enjoying it :)