Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Leopard Print Nails Take Three

Last week, Charlotte over at Lipglossiping (go follow her!) had a blog sale, and being a bargain hunter, I couldn't resist. One of the items I picked up was a Gosh Nail Lacquer. I'd never used their polishes before as my local store doesn't stock them. I bought 'Cappucino' shade #081. I'd describe it as a warm tone, a light brown with a golden pink shimmer to it. I used it on my nails, and well, wasn't overly impressed by the colour. It's nice but too, erm, dull for my liking I guess. However, I was at home and had the liberty of rifling through my Mum's polishes. I found a bronze colour from Avon which complimented the Gosh shade. So I was bored last Friday and I came up with this:

I posted this especially for Charlotte because she wanted to see what I'd done with the colour. I hope you like it :)

For my next nail design, I promise to do something different. I was checking out The Daily Nail yesterday, and fell in love with the poker nails. However, I feel I should learn to walk before I can run haha!

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. Oh looky look!!!! Grrrrr.... they're too cool for school! Did you get many comments on them? They are wicked, I don't know how you have the patience to create those though!

  2. Yeah, everyone loves them! Only takes about an hour, which is fine if you have the time (or procrastinate like me haha). One day I'll get round to putting a step-by-step guide up :) Then you can see how easyyyy it is :) x

  3. we have to be sisters!! lmaooo i'm very good at nails too, but im studying LAW!! & i thought i was the only crazy one haha =D

  4. Haha! Wow! I think there are a few of us crazy ones about :p

  5. Love this nail... I'm from Brazil and have a blog.. i was looking for some ideas from international blogs to publish here. n liked your. I'll follow u. :-)