Thursday, 5 November 2009

Review: Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Thanks to the lovely Charlotte (@Lipglossiping) on Twitter, I was alerted to the Clarins Facebook giveaway. The first 100 people to email them would get a sample of their Wonder Perfect Mascara. So I gave it a try. I emailed them last Thursday (29th October), I received confirmation of dispatch on Monday (2nd November) and my sample was here by Wednesday (4th November)! Impressed!

Ok so here it is:

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara in Wonder Black 01

The wand:

Took me a while to adjust to the size of the wand, but obviously being a sample size, it was going to be small, bearing in mind I've become accustomed to using Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara which is huge!

Here's me with no mascara:

And with mascara:

(Sorry for the blurry photos :S I think Blogger did that, they were fine before!)

This is what Clarins claim:
Lashes are coated in an ultra-flexible film which thickens them from root to tip. They are visibly longer and curled while remaining light and supple. A high concentration of pigments creates an intense colour effect, from the base of lashes, to give a beautiful eyeliner effect. For a flawless make-up result from morning to night.

As you can see from the photos, there isn't a massive difference really. Or maybe that's just my lame photography skills lol.

Ok, so did it stand up to Clarins' claims?

- I loved the texture of the mascara, it really is an ultra flexible film.
- My lashes did seem thickened, and slightly longer without feeling heavy, like they do with some other mascaras.
- Also, I found that it really separated the lashes on my lower lash line
- There is a great colour payoff in my opinion and it does give an eyeliner effect, which for me, was a first from a mascara.
- And finally, yes it did last from morning to night.

The only cons I found were:

- I found I had to wipe the end of the wand off every time I took it out of the bottle because otherwise there'd be a huge clump on the end. Not good.

- It didn't clump my lashes together as such, but I found that I had to take blobs of mascara off the end of some of them or they'd look uneven, but hey that's probably just me being special!

Overall, as nice as it is, there's nothing overly special about Wonder Perfect and I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy a full size one anytime soon, at least not on my budget. Although a full size one is only £17, which is cheaper than I expected and to be honest, not much more expensive than some of the mascaras that can be found on the high street - £15 for Maybelline's new vibrating mascara anyone?

However, as my birthday is coming up soon, I well may go and treat myself to one when I next come across a Clarins counter :)

Until next time,
Dottie xx

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