Thursday, 9 July 2009

Review: 120 Pro Palette (eBay)

Like you, I started out following Panacea81 (the fabulous Lauren Luke) on YouTube. (If you haven't what have you been doing?!) From there I branched out and found some other great makeup tutorial-ists (yes I made that word up) and found a lot of them talking about the wonderful 120 Pro Palette. I have to say I was a little sceptical with it being made and shipped from Hong Kong. Firstly I thought it'd take ages to arrive. Wrong. 2 days. I thought all the colours would be broken up in transit. Wrong again. I thought the colours wouldn't be the same as advertised. Wrong yet again. The colours were just wow. I was amazed, truth be told.

So I began to use said palette. Here is where the disappointment began. I didn't think much to the pigmentation. You need a LOT of product to get any sort of impact. And as a result you get a hell of a lot of fallout. I looked like a clown by the time I had finished my first makeup look. It was all over my face. I wish I'd have been warned about this. I tried a variety of looks with different colours. Most of the colours are like eyeshadow powder, but some have a more glittery or creamy texture to them. I wasn't amused by these either. I think I found one look I was truly happy with. But it didn't stay put on my eyelid for long. Even with a base.

I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or whether it's just not that great a product. What can you expect for little more than a tenner really? So I guess if you're wanting to recreate looks from YouTube gurus, don't go for the Pro Palette. Save up and buy something that's worth it. I quite like Barry M's Dazzle Dust pots. But you do need a really good application technique because there can be a bit of fallout and it's really obvious with the darker/brighter colours.

A lush product brand that I came across about 18 months ago is Bella Pierre Cosmetics. I got roped into talking to a rep at one of their stalls in my local shopping centre. But I was really impressed with their products. Completely natural and mineral based. Fantastic colours and versatility - their powders can be used as eyeshadow, liner, lipgloss and even nail varnish! I found myself saying yes. Then I got hit with the price. £15 per pot. Woah. Yes I know it's a lot but they were on offer, buy two get two free. So I acquiesced. So I got £60 worth of products for £30. And they mix and blend so fabulously well. I've even used them with the Barry M Dazzle Dust pots. And they last forever. I used one colour practically every day for a year and I've still got half a pot left! I've checked the website and the pots are anywhere from £11.69 to £12.99 each. I know it sounds expensive but when you think of the versatility of the product and how long they last - it's well worth it. And best of all - no fallout! I could talk about Bella Pierre products for ages but I won't or we'll be here forever! I'll give you the link: If you do check them out, let me know what you think :)

That turned into a Bella Pierre love fest didn't it?! Haha.

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