Tuesday, 6 December 2011

NOTD: 17 Magnetic Nail Polish

I've finally managed to track down the illusive magnetic polishes from 17. They've been selling like hotcakes by the looks of the empty shelves in Boots! Luckily I have now bought 3 out of the 4 shades and today I'm showcasing the grey.

I won't lie to you, at first I found it quite tricky to get the effect just right but with a bit of patience and practice, it can look really good. Leanne and I got some lovely compliments on our nails in Kiko and I've converted some girls at work too!

What do you think of the magnetic polish trend? Hit or miss?

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  1. I really really want to try these!! Haven't seen them at all when I have been in any Boots shop though :( x

  2. I didn't like them! It took me ages to get the effect, which is fair enough, but then it chipped immediately :( And on top of that it was a nightmare to remove!

  3. Ooh they look pretty :) This may sound stupid, but are they actually magnetic? Like if you were picking up some paperclips or staples would they be drawn to your nail varnish?!

  4. It looks so clever, would you mind doing a tutorial type thing as to how it actually works? before I buy it :) x

  5. thelandofbeautyblog - They're really illusive products unfortunately :( Hope you find them soon! xx

    FlailingPenguin - Oh no :( It took me a fair bit of practice to get the effect. I used a fast drying top coat so it prevented chipping. I found removal wasn't too bad xx

    Katie - Thanks :) Haha I wondered that but I didn't experience things sticking to me lol xx

    ButterflyBoo - Oh sure! I'll do it with the next colour I use :) xx