Friday, 2 December 2011

Things I learnt in November 2011

I always love November. So close to Christmas, the winter clothes and accessories are out in force, the nights are drawing in, the festive season is about to begin and it's my birthday month. Awesome :D

001. Interflora flowers are beautiful :) And with the right attitude, new opportunities will come your way!

002. Most Scottish people I encounter are really rather angry. I dislike this.

003. I'm over the matte nail trend.

004. A simple thank you can put a real smile on my face :)

005. I really wish I could ballroom dance

006. I hate when I do a nail design and don't like it.

007. Christmas lights are up :D
008. Costa Coffee's Black Forest Hot Chocolates are lush!

009. New opportunities at work might be daunting, but change is good! Also insanely envious of a work colleague that's going to Vegas next week!

010. Figures can be overwhelming.

011. I cannot stand the smell of oranges.

012. X Factor = Fix Factor

013. My second youngest cousin is the politest little boy! So sweet!

014. Communication is key. Seems to be lacking in some areas.

015. Coca Cola is the secret to chocolate cake. Who knew?

016. Change should not be feared, but embraced.

017. I push myself too hard sometimes.

018. Work is so much more fun when fundraising and friendly rivalry is involved!

019. I don't like being disorganised

020. Magnetic nail polish is a pain in the bum sometimes

021. Westfield Stratford City is amazing!!

022. Baking can be a proper comedy fest sometimes

023. Hummingbird Bakery recipes never fail to be mouth-wateringly delicious!

024. It's Sod's Law that I scour the whole of Lincoln to find something to wear to a party, then end up ordering online.

025. My boss was a backing dancer for Take That. Still not sure if I believe that though... I was a bit merry when someone told me.

026. Despite drinking for the first time in months, I woke up hangover free. Win.

027. I really like driving our new car :D That's once I'd figured out where the bite was hahaha. Totally didn't stall it AGAIN.

028. Pro Plus really do work. Thank the Gods of caffeine for that!

029. There are 'sky funerals' in Tibet where they chop the body up on a mountain and birds eat it...

030. I can make my own ringtones instead of paying for them. Me 1 - 0 iTunes.

How was November for you?

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  1. 004 Totally agree!
    015 NO WAY???! Really?!
    029 Creepy but interesting! :D xx

  2. This was such an epic win of a post!

  3. The Pampered Sparrow - Manners cost nothing right? So nice when people make the effort. I haven't tried the Coca Cola thing but may have to give it a go. The Tibet thing is odd. Turns out it's because they believe that the body is just that and its your spirit that lives on. Also the mountainous ground is too hard to dig in to xx

    Laura - Thank you :) xx

    Ha, you are probably right though, Scottish folk do love to rage!
    I am a picture of calmness however...

    Anna x

  5. Hahaha not you :p Hehe I'm sure you are :) xx