Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday Summary

♥ Playing Monopoly

♥ A spot of online shopping with lots of reductions? Hello!

♥ Sparkly nail polish

♥ Cleaning and tidying - bit weird but feels so good once it's done! Is that weird?

♥ Putting up the Christmas tree :D

♥ Hilarious occurences at work

♥ My new camera has arrived! And the Christmas tree is up at work. Just trying to convince someone to dress up as Santa. Wish me luck ;)


Listening to:
Christmas songs - time to get festive :D

Pan Am - obsessed with this show! Anyone else?


A few to follow:


How has your week been?

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  1. OMG, Monopoly!! Used to love that, but my brother is overly competitive so it was never really fun haha xx

  2. Monopoly is one of my favourite games ever. I will have to see if my parents can dig it out for xmas :)

  3. Aww thank you for so much for the little mention! :) xxx

  4. LOVE Pan Am! I wish I could dress like they do all the time! Would have loved to have been around in that era! Theyre so glam!
    George |

  5. Ellie - Hehe I was the competitive one in our house. Saying that my sister and I are as bad as each other, once we kept playing the same game for a week straight until I won haha xx

    Amey Jane - That sounds fab :D xx

    Amy - You're welcome! xx

    Frecklie - Tell me about it they look amazing! xx

  6. Thank you for the mention lovely =) That Christmas picture is gorgeous, wish it was my house! xx

  7. You're welcome! Same here, it looks so lovely xx