Friday, 2 March 2012

Things I learned in February 2012

February whizzed by in a flash didn't it? I have to say it was a pretty good month! Surprises, IMATS, Olly Murs, and a new car <3 Exciting stuff! Here are the things I learned over the last 29 days!


001. Surprises are nice :) People can be very thoughtful. 

002. Car salesmen are desperate to make sales aren't they?

003. Walking around London is always an experience

004. Olly Murs is absolutely bloody gorgeous. And snow is a right royal pain in the arse.

005. I should try new things more often.

006. If I've learnt something over the past few days, it's that TFL are infuriating.

007. I own a ridiculous amount of haircare and skincare products.

008. MUFE HD Foundation is lovely! And I passed my newbie probation period at work. Hello new car shaped plans!

009. Porridge always makes you feel better :)

010. I swear all I do on my days off is clean!

011. I adore my Whooga boots

012. People can be surprising

013. Men can be so damn childish

014. No secret admirers this year. No not-so-secret ones either. Darn ;)

015. I LOVE being yelled at *rolls eyes*

016. So excited to pick up my car! Paid the deposit today :D

017. I do love a cheeky chappy

018. Girly nights out are brilliant for gossip!

019. Discovering Mountain Lion for Mac is out this summer has been the highlight of my day... geek!

020. I ask a lot of questions

021. I really quite like my job

022. I'm lost without my iPhone. But I can fix it. Legend.

023. No matter how hard you try, sometimes its just time to accept that people aren't worth it.

024. There is something most definitely wrong with my iPhone

025. My lemon cupcakes are TDF in my humble opinion ;)

026. My car is here :D I can pick it up on Tuesday!!

027. I very much dislike being messed around.

028. The guys at the Apple Store in Meadowhall offer great customer service. As does Toyota. HELLO NEW CAR :D

029. Car insurance isn't as painful as I first thought it'd be!

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  1. Looks like it was a lovely month... Wish you many great rides with your new car! =)

    1. It was indeed! Thank you :) xx

  2. Any month that includes Olly Murs and a new car sounds like a good month to me! X

  3. Sounds like a fabulous month, and that first picture makes me happy x

    1. It sure was :D Hehe same! xx

  4. I adore these 'things I learned' posts!