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Review: Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation

I'm not going to lie, I've been having a love/slight dislike relationship with this foundation. It all started back in February when I snapped it up at IMATS for around £7. Right there I've saved 2/3 off it's RRP. Brilliant. Now application wise, I wasn't wowed by it until Leanne told me that using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush with Light Liquid was a match made in heaven. And (as per usual) she wasn't wrong! With the right brush, this applies like an absolute dream. The one thing that stood out to me was its sweet vanilla scent - gorgeous! And it's the most perfect colour match for my skin. I should mention that I am naturally very pale so I picked the lightest of the shades available at IMATS - LF120. I can't remember the last time I was so thrilled with a foundation. And as I'm between shades in Skinbase (therefore needing 2 bottles at £25 each - ouch!), this works out to be a lot more purse friendly at £21.50 :)

As the name suggests, this is a light formulation - if you've tried Rich Liquid, you'll definitely notice the difference! I couldn't get on with Rich Liquid at all, and I'd previously enjoyed using Skinbase which is a lighter foundation so I had to give this a go too. I used to be a full coverage kinda gal but oh how things have changed! Light Liquid gives me just enough coverage and it's buildable if required. This is definitely a 'my skin but better' foundation, giving me just the right amount of coverage whilst evening out my skintone and allowing my features to show through. Freckles anyone?! Being a light foundation, it doesn't cover everything and I still use an under-eye concealer and a slightly heavier concealer if there's anything that needs covering up.

Now, I've been trying (and pretty much failing) to embrace the dewy foundation look. I'm getting there, but not 100% cool with it yet. I'm sure these things take time. I found that Light Liquid definitely needs setting on my skin. Otherwise I'm left looking less than flawless after an 8 hour stint at work. I don't have particularly oily skin but I do get a bit of shine on my T-zone as the day wears on. So I've been setting with either MAC MSF in Natural or my trusted Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder. Setting it certainly helps increase the longevity of the foundation and leaves my skin looking positively flawless and radiant but it doesn't give that perfect 'just applied' look for as long as my beloved BB cream.

I'll quickly mention packaging, the bottle is the same as the other liquid foundations from Illamasqua. When it's full, it's great. A slight squeeze will dispense the product easily. When you're reaching the end of your bottle, I've found it harder to dispense and have also noticed that the colour seems to separate slightly so needs a good shake before using although this is advised on the box it comes in. Which I still haven't thrown away. Does anyone else hoard packaging like I do?

I've had my bottle of Light Liquid since IMATS and I still haven't finished it - I'd say I'm about halfway through it - and I've been using it a lot - practically daily until the sun came out and I switched to a BB cream for added sun protection.

Overall, I'd say this is definitely worth a try if you have good skin and like a dewy finish. If you're more of a matte skin lover, or have oily skin, or hate touching up throughout the day, this probably won't be for you.

Available from: Illamasqua and Debenhams
Size: 30ml
Price: £21.50


Product: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Repurchase: Maybe if I can forgive the longevity thing! Will keep you posted!

♥ ♥ ♥

Are you a fan of Illamasqua foundations? Which products do you use to achieve the illusion of flawless skin?

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