Monday, 3 September 2012

Things I learnt in August 2012

001. I'm a trendsetter ;)

002. I'm getting into the Olympics! Go Team GB!

003. I'm sick of letting people walk all over me.

004. People need to learn to be polite.

005. Cute babies make me broody

006. I have a real love for nude nail polish

007. The Olympics is really emotional to watch!


008. Oh. All aboard the train for change...

009. I am tired of being the 'go-to' person. Sod off.

010. Sun, maxi dresses, flip flops and the beer garden - a perfect way to relax on a Friday!

011. I'm finally realising that its ok to be me and to not give thought to what other people think of me

012. People are hypocrites.

013. I've finished the Fifty Shades trilogy. It was quite good, if a bit repetitive!

014. Teensy bit tired of being treated like a nobody.

015. Its not fair to be a pawn in someone else's game.

016. Rain is very odd.

017. Friends make everything seem brighter.

018. Billy Connolly's Sat Nav voice is hilarious if you don't follow instructions ;)

019. I hate being the solution to everyone else's problems.

020. I think I've found my replacement for Fifty Shades.

021. I am officially bored of shopping.

022. Biting your cheek hurts.

023. I'm selfish apparently. Good to know.


024. Gin after work is always a good idea.

025. Benedict Cumberbatch is a babe.

026. There's no wonder HMV are in trouble when Amazon undercut them by around 50%.

027. Sometimes, people genuinely surprise me in their kind words

028. And then sometimes people don't surprise me in their underhand tactics and lies.

029. Having wet feet all afternoon is not cool.

030. Its nice to feel appreciated and valued

031. Mama K is an awesome baker

♥ ♥ ♥

How was August for you?

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  1. Gin at ANY time is always a good idea :) Cx

  2. Disappointed that you read the whole Shitty Shades trilogy! 'A bit repetitive?'.

    'Holy fuck'. 'Holy shit'. HOW many times? And I only read a third of the first book. ;-)

    Despite your questionable taste in modern literature, I still love you. :-D

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch IS a babe. Even though I always call him Hubert Cumberdale :/

    1. Hehe I'm sure thats because his dazzling good looks do odd things to your brain ;) x