Friday, 3 February 2012

Things I learned in January 2012

*waves* Bye bye January. You were a bit pants, but things can only get better :D


001. I should do what I want instead of overthinking things.

002. Gossiping is not cool.

003. Awkward situations are also not cool.

004. Everyone is so miserable this week. January blues?

005. I'm totally over Costa Coffee. Boring.

006. Taken for granted dot com.

007. I love having a good cleaning/tidying/organising day

008. There's a severe lack of flats to rent around here.


009. I am still feeling ridiculously glum.

010. I want more from my job. And I'd like to get rid of the immature people at work.

011. I'm finally in a more perkier mood. Maybe the beginning of January just makes everyone a bit down?

012. Don't just see the world around you. Observe. You learn much more. Sometimes you see far more than you'd think.

013. So, going out for one drink turned into not going home. Rosé wine is dangerous.

014. I need to make changes in my life.

015. Loves Sherlock. Hello Benedict Cumberbatch ;)


016. Work is so much more fun when we're all messing around haha

017. People can be bitter over the smallest of things

018. I get myself into situations that I shouldn't get myself into. Oh dear.

019. I don't like change. But I seem to have developed an inability to say no.

020. I'm going to really miss working with my current team. I really need to learn to not say yes just to please other people.

021. People are so two faced

022. Men are so frustrating

023. I actually don't think it is possible to go to a pub quiz and not cheat


024. I had no idea spilling water all over your desk can be so hysterical!

025. Retail therapy is heaven. Until you realise IMATS is drawing closer and your bank balance is dwindling rapidly!

026. It seems everything is changing lately. Finally think this is a good thing.

027. This Oyster card malarky is most confusing.

028. Cheese and fish go together. Who knew?

029. I have fallen in love with a car. Cannot wait to order it!

030. Whilst I dislike the thought of cleaning, I actually feel very satisfied afterwards.

031. The world can seem like an incredibly small place sometimes.

How was January for you? Did anyone else get the January blues? Onwards and upwards I say!

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  1. Tots agree with 1, 15 and 18!

    I despise january and it has been a bit of a crap month! But onwards and upwards!


    1. And here I was thinking I was just a miserable old mare haha. Let's hope February is better for everyone xx

  2. January has been such a weird month. I love Sherlock too haha!

    I totally had the January Blues for a while, I've just kept eating biscutis and tea to get me through! :)

    Love, Elizabeth xxx

    1. Hasn't it just? I love Sherlock - such great telly! Aww bless, hope that worked! xx

  3. Ooh, you mention Oyster cards - does that mean you're in the London area (have to admit I've never investigated your site to see where you're based!)

    1. Hi Claire, no I'm not in London, just a visitor! xx

  4. January always feels like the longest month ever!
    I've given you a Versatile Blogger Award here :)

    1. Totally agree with you! Thankfully it's over :) Aww, thank you! xx

  5. I have never been quite so glad to see the back of a month. January should be illegal.

    1. Ditto! Haha totally agree. We'll just abolish it yeah? xx

  6. January felt like a week not a month to me :) what happened? Counting days till Christmas now :) just kidding.
    I am your new follower xxx great blog.

    1. Glad it went quickly for you! Think it was a combination of bad news, rubbish shifts and everyone being a bit down. Haha, someone at work has started the countdown to Christmas 2012 - made me chuckle! Aww, thank you :) xx