Friday, 1 June 2012

Things I learnt in May 2012

001. It always rains for funerals.

002. I dislike feeling sidelined.

003. Baking cupcakes is always so much fun

004. I prefer creme finish polishes to glitter or shimmer

005. Ben & Jerrys Berry White is all kinds of awesome!

006. Somebody That I Used To Know is possibly my favourite song of 2012 so far

007. It is not always free to park on Bank Holidays. I dislike this.

008. It feels amazing to buy half price shoes!
009. I am well and truly ready for my holiday.

010. I am so over people right now!

011. Anything is possible - you just have to ask :)

012. Cumbria isn't as far away as I thought.

013. Having no phone signal is absolute bliss. But thank God for wifi ;)

014. I love buying new shoes :D

015. I'm too old for feeling travel sick :/

016. I miss having a double bed.
017. The current world land speed record is insane.

018. When payday falls on a Sunday, it turns out I don't get paid on the last working day before that date. Disappointing.

019. Whoever chooses to impose the National Speed Limit on certain country roads wants to rethink...

020. I think I may have an intolerance to dairy products :S

021. Lord Sugar's phrase 'Cautious Carol' has really caught on haha :)

022. Half my wages seem to go on bills :/

023. My Dad's driving is really rather scary. Earned him the nickname Racy Ronald haha.

024. Innuendo Bingo is hilarious.

Source (Haha, sorry, couldn't resist this!)

025. Despite using a BB cream that claims to have an SPF of 42, I still got sunburnt on my face...

026. Work social gatherings are always fun!

027. I adore apple juice at the moment.

028. Good things come to those who wait.

029. I am better at Maths than I thought!

030. I dislike Tesco on so many levels.

031. I can win at Bingo!

How was May for you?

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