Monday, 10 October 2011

Bargain Central: Avon Order

After hearing that the Avon Supershock Gel Liner pencils were back on the Avon website, I had to make another order.

Only, as you can see, I got sidetracked by some fab bargains. Every single item I bought was on offer. How's that for some super savvy shopping?

Supershock Gel Liners in and Black and Silver

Beautiful colours!

I already own a Black Sparkle version of the Supershock liner which is beautiful. These two are so beautifully opaque with one swatch, I'm amazed. The silver really surprised me. It's so different to any other silver liner I've tried before. It's a beautifully shimmery liner. A must have staple in any girl's collection!

Foundation Samples

How cool is this? Avon offer trial sized samples of all their foundations for just 99p so I picked up a couple. I wasn't sure what their shading was like but I picked up the Mattifying Foundation and Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation, both in the shade Ivory.

Matte Polish in Red Velvet

A beautiful red wine shade with a slight golden undercurrent to it

Extra Lasting Lipstick in Vintage Pink

Not gonna lie, I saw this on a model in the brochure that was floating around at work. Beautiful.

It's quite a red toned pink but I think it's beautiful!

Senses Vintage Glamour Shower Gel

I picked this up because I thought it'd look pretty in the bathroom - sucker for pretty packaging!

Owl Necklace

I've got a thing for owl necklaces at the moment!

Dina Ring

I love how retro this looks!

Are you a fan of Avon? Have you picked anything up lately?

I've just found out that Avon's new gel eyeliners are out. I need to pick at least two of them up, so watch this space because they look stunning!

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  1. The nail varnish is such a lovely colour!
    And I love the owl necklace :) xx

  2. It's such a pain trying to get my hands on Avon in Ireland. Cant order online and have to go through a representative which i don't have in my area and that lipstick is so pretty x

  3. ButterflyBoo - It's pretty :) Perfect for Autumn I think. Thanks! xx

    Laura - Aww that's a shame. Maybe you should become their rep :) xx

  4. Being their rep is a bit of a hassle, though it does give you access to pretty cool stuff. Try Sparkling Violetta polish, its so pretty!

  5. Oh really? I bet you get to see products pre-release right? Oo thanks for the tip! xx

  6. I do :D takes all the willpower not order all :p:
    It does skew my make up content too much towards Avon though

  7. I was just eyeing up that owl necklace last night haha!

  8. Hehe I'm not surprised! I used to order from Avon a few years back, then stopped, but recently rediscovered them through the Pixiwoo sisters! xx

  9. Lauren - Eek sorry missed your comment! It's so cute, I think I have an obsession with owls at the moment lol xx