Monday, 17 October 2011

Sigma Brush Order

A couple of weeks ago I made an order with Sigma for a few brushes so I thought I'd show you which ones I bought :)

The brushes

Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80

As pretty much every beauty blogger has told me how good the F80 is, I had to buy one. Designed to buff in liquid foundation, I ordered it to use with this purpose in mind.

I like it for foundation application, it's certainly a step up from my e.l.f. Powder Brush. I find it more densely packed, and lovely and soft. I haven't experienced any shedding. It's a nice brush, but I'm not sure if it lives up to the hype but maybe that's just me?

Round Top Synthetic Kabuki - F82

I really liked the look of the round top on the F82 so I ordered one of these too. It's designed for achieving  flawless coverage with liquid and powder products, especially under the eyes and around the nose.

I started off using this to buff in my foundation and concealer and it gave a beautiful finish. However I've started using this to apply my foundation and I actually prefer it to the F80. It's soft and densely packed and it fits the contours of my face very well. Again, I haven't experienced any shedding with this brush.

Eye Liner - E05

For the amount of gel liners I have, I was running out of brushes, so I thought I'd give the Sigma liner brush a go. It's designed for achieving precision and giving fine lines.

The brush is soft but firm with a tapered end and it's perfect for applying gel liner! It's firm but flexible and I haven't had any shedding with this brush either.

Lip - L05

I already own an L05 and I absolutely love it. I had to order another one!

It's the perfect size for filling in my lips with colour. Generally, I don't like lip brushes because they're small, spindly and pathetic. But the Sigma one is amazing. It's soft but firm, perfectly shaped and doesn't shed.

As my order total was over $30 I received a free gift - what a lovely touch :)

Blending - E25 (Travel sized)

Primarily designed for blending and softening lines, the E25 can also be used to apply primer and base shadow colours.

A handy travel sized version of the E25 brush - perfect to add to my handbag for touching up crease work during the day. Beautifully soft and no shedding so far!

I know I must be the last beauty blogger to have tried the Sigma F80. I'm really loving the F82 though, that'll be a definite repurchase for sure! I really like what I've tried so far. What are your favourite Sigma brushes?

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  1. I love Sigma brushes, especially their round top kabuki! Once I graduate and start working full time I'm going to treat myself to a whole set of their brushes! (Haha, I've only just started my final year and I'm already spending money I haven't earned yet, that isn't a good sign lol) xx

  2. I'm loving the round topped kabuki! Hehe! Good plan though! Hope you final year goes well xx

  3. They look so good, one day i'll be able to afford them! xx

  4. @ButterflyBoo But they are so affordable! Half the price of MAC brushes!

    @Kim I love my F80 but haven't tried the F82. It's on my list! If you want liner brushes I swear by the E15. It's weird at first but so much easier to get straight lines and line the water line - you won't go back :)

    Love the E25 and E35 too - got a couple of those. Can you tell I'm a big fan? :) My review is here if you want to check out the E15, it's definitely worth it.

    I do have the lip brush too but somehow missed it out of the review :S Good post lovely!

  5. ButterflyBoo - Ask Santa ;) That's my plan! xx

    Hannah - Oh gosh *adds to wishlist* You're a bad influence ;) I'll definitely have a read of your post. I'll pass my bill over to you yes? :p xx