Monday, 3 October 2011

Things I learnt in September 2011

Hello lovelies :)

September was a pretty good month for me. Here are the things I learned over the last 30 days. Enjoy, and let me know if you learned anything interesting last month!

001. Oh London. I love you.

002. A situation at work has come to an abrupt and surprising end which I was a bit uneasy about.

003. Every sob story on X Factor involves an Adele song

004. I can never leave the Debenhams Beauty section without buying something. Hello new Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liners, you beauts.

005. Work was so lovely today. Quiet, calm, serene. A weight was lifted that I didn't realise I was carrying. A much more relaxed atmosphere.

006. I don't like to see people being taken advantage of.

007. If I hear the words Rose Gold one more blinking time... and no, I'm not talking about the infamous Sleek blush.

008. Its nice to know I can't swap my shifts to take holiday, but a colleague can have his shift swap ok'd with the boss because he wants to play footie with the work team. Nice.

009. I can be minimalist when packing my make up bag for trips.

010. I can't stand silence when I'm home alone.

011. I am a hopeless romantic.

012. My bag is not going to fit the million things that I need to take away with me tomorrow.

013. I think some people suffer from Ivory Tower Syndrome. Yes, I did just make that up.

014. I get travel sick. AT MY AGE. Ridiculous.

015. Lake Windermere is beautiful. I'd like to live in a house with access to a lake and it's own boathouse. But I need roughly £1.5million for this. Not going to happen. Also, swans are dangerous. 

016. People up north are not as friendly as they're made out to be. Sad face.

017. I should pay more attention to the make up I own. Just realised I have two of the same lippie! And the same blush... oh dear. For the latter I blame Bourjois and their repackaging...

018. I miss talking to the bestie on a regular basis

019. My word, some people can blow me away with the words they say :)

020. ... but then they can turn instantly. What did I do to deserve that?

021. Being ill is no fun.

022. Losing my voice is not cool. Especially when I'm due back to work tomorrow...

023. Sigma release discount codes. I never knew this, but have taken full advantage :D

024. I can do a flawless French manicure with zero mistakes. Amazed.

025. The worse something tastes, the better it does you. Case in point: Covooooonia. Obviously written with Ainsley Harriott's voiceover in mind.

026. Hummingbird Bakery frosting can be frozen successfully.

027. I go back to work and immediately need a day off to recover from the manic craziness!

028. Boots have Christmas gift sets in already. Summer's not even over. Ok, well it nearly is. But still.

029. I'm over this heatwave. I'm ready for Autumn. Get cold already! I'm seeing Christmas advertising everywhere. So summer can jog on now.

030. Watching Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy made me realise I couldn't ever be a doctor. Having to remember all those operation procedures? I can't even remember what I did yesterday.

How was September for you?

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  1. AHAHAHA so true about the sob stories!

  2. I know right? It's either Adele or Take That haha! xx

  3. So many Take That or Adele songs haha! I began to count them..x

  4. I get amazingly travel sick, it's pathetic, a doctor laughed at me a few months ago. I'm ready for autumn too! xx

  5. ButterflyBoo - Hehe! xx

    Lydia - Oh no! It's horrible isn't it? Ruined the first day of my holiday :( Autumn is fab, I can't wait to start layering up. I've even got my eye on a new snood and mittens for Winter haha xx