Friday, 14 October 2011

Review: VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir

I'm sure you know how much I've already raved about the VO5 Miracle Concentrate. Well, I picked up the Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir to give my hair an extra treat. I am in love!


VO5 say: Reconstructs damaged hair in 1 minute for dry, rebellious hair. Doubles the strength of hair to reduce breakage. Seeks out and binds to weak sites of every strand. Removes 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone.

I say: I had my reservations about using an oil based product on my hair, however I've been incredibly impressed! Since using this I think the condition of my hair has drastically improved. It's certainly noticeably softer and a lot more manageable. No more tangles for me!


VO5 say: Use before shampooing. Wet hair. Using the triangle indicators as a guide, apply one application directly onto the hair and leave for up to 1 minute. Rinse hair, scalp and skin thoroughly, shampoo and rinse. Dry and style as usual. Can be used as often as required without overloading the hair.

I say: You can get about 5 uses out of a bottle of this which isn't bad value for money. Talking of the bottle, you flip the lid and squeeze to get the product out but as it's quite liquid, it can get a bit messy! The product smells quite nice. Reminds me of baby shampoo! I pour it on my scalp, massage it in, taking it down the length of my hair and leave for a minute before rinsing then I carry on with my regular shampoo and conditioning routine. My hair is left beautifully soft, silky and shiny. Thumbs up from me!

Price: The RRP for the newly packaged product is £4.28. For the one pictured, I have seen it at £4.99 and £4.07.
Size: 75ml
Available from: Online at Superdrug and Boots - please note both websites are showing different packaging. VO5 have relaunched this in the pink packaging to match the rest of the range :)

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: I'm on my 3rd 4th bottle and counting!

Have you tried the VO5 haircare range?

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  1. I forgot hot oil existed! I used to use it many years ago. Thanks for the reminder, my hair needs it.

  2. No problem :) It's fab! xx

  3. May have to give it a try - I love the Miravle Concentrate and think it's done wonders for my fine, easily damaged hair, so this would be great to use every so often :)

  4. The Miracle Concentrate is amazing! The Hot Oil is fab for an all over treat :) xx