Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Boxing Day Sales: The not leaving your sofa edition

Thanks to work, this is the first year I've not had the luxury of being able to go sale shopping after Christmas. On the one day I did have off over the festive season, I wasted no time hunting down some beauty bargains on the old interweb :)


Ladies, I am a convert. I'm on my third fourth purchase, and counting. I've saved myself a few precious pounds lately, my first purchase being Benefit's They're Real mascara (£12), and my second purchase being the highly sought after YSL Touche Eclat (£13).

I'm quite glad I got both of these at such good prices. I hate buying things full price only to not like them. I'm afraid that the Benefit mascara is one of them. Although I'm really liking Touche Eclat. Dark under-eye circles be gone!

I've also just bought Origins Vitazing Moisturiser and Origins Super Spot Remover, both of which I'm totally blaming on Vivianna ;) Really quite excited to try them!

Total savings at Buyapowa: £18.50


I was attracted to the Little Red Dress collection in the Christmas Avon brochure and I picked up a few extra bits too!

Little Red Dress Eye Shadow Quad in Starlet

Can you believe I don't own a set of shadows to create a dark smoky eye? Me either!

Little Red Dress Mascara in Black

The wand on this mascara really intrigued me - do excuse the slightly out of focus photo, I must have taken about 30 and this was the best of the bunch! A lovely mascara that coats each lash without clumping. Perfect for those small inner lashes and lower lash line.

Little Red Dress Lipsticks in Red 2000 (top) and Pout (bottom)

Red 2000 is a perfect classic red, and Pout is a perfect nude shade that goes with any make up look

True Colour Blush in Russet

A bit of an impulse buy - it looked beautiful on the model - a lush peachy shade

Barcelona necklace

Retro glam!

Advance Techniques

And finally, on my quest for big, bouncy retro hair, I picked up a large barrelled brush and some Curl Defining Gel

I think everything I ordered from Avon was on offer!

Total savings at Avon: £27.91

Feel Unique

Another purchase I'll be blaming Vivianna for - sorry haha - the Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation (£20), and the Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow Radiance Creme in Ice Gold (£13.60)! Both are causing a bit of a stir in the blogging community lately, so I thought it was about time I saw what all the fuss was about :)

Loving the foundation - I can use it over moisturiser, powder with my Kryolan anti-shine powder, and it stays put all day and doesn't go shiny! That's a first for me! I picked up the Ultra Light shade.

The Radiance Creme gives such a subtle, beautiful shimmer. It's the perfect finishing touch to any look. I've been using a fan brush to apply on cheekbones.

I also picked up some holographic polishes from Nubar (£7.25-£8.05) which I'd been lusting over for a while. I'll have some NOTDs coming up soon :)

Total savings at Feel Unique: £9.20


Carrying on the nail polish shopping spree, I went a little crazy on eBay and picked up 5 Essie polishes

L-R: Kisses & Bisses, Topless & Barefoot, My Place or Yours, Tart Deco and Cute As A Button

I really only wanted Topless & Barefoot - yet another Vivianna inspired purchase! As they were coming from across the pond, at such great prices, it was rude not to indulge, right? This little lot cost £27.88 including shipping. If I'd bought them in the UK it would have cost £49.75 for the polishes alone!

Total savings on eBay: £21.87

The Body Shop

I'd been lusting after another Face & Body brush from the Body Shop for ages, but didn't want to pay £16 for it. Thanks to a heads up from a few other bloggers, I picked up this brush set and brush roll for a bargain-tastic £15 - saving myself £27!

Total savings at The Body Shop: £27

Total overall savings: £104.48 - incredible!

These are my beauty bargains - I'm quite pleased with myself - saved a fortune! Have you gone crazy in the sales?

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  1. oh thats a massive saving!

    I keep going in Buyapowa and seeing amazing deals but I stop myself cause I'm trying not to buy any more makeup... but the deals are soo tempting

    Likewise, I am so desperate to try the jemma kidd foundation but I have a drawer full of foundation so i've vowed to buy no more until I use at least one up


  2. It amazed me when I totalled it up! I'm all for saving money so Buyapowa is a blessing :) I'm the same with mascara, its getting ridiculous lol xx

  3. You got some great things and saved loads!

    I've been wanting to try Essie polishes for ages, thanks for the Ebay link, such great value!

    Harriet x

  4. You didn't like They're Real?! I missed out on that co-buy - I'll swap you for something at IMATS? :3 x

  5. I like the look of the radiance cream. You got lots of bargains x

  6. Ooh, I do love a good shop!!

    I bought the Avon eyeshadow quad just before xmas and it's really good!

    You got some great bargains love! :D xx

  7. I've been lusting over the body shop face and body brushes too! I got some eyeshadow brushes which are lovely, but i want the big one because it looks soooo soft!
    Looks like you got some wonderful bargains sweet! I enjoyed reading this post :) xox

  8. That's a humongous saving!!!!!! Well done!

    I had those Jemma Kidd products in my Feel Unique basket all day on Sunday but ended up not buying them - kind of regretting it now, anything that stops shine always gets my attention.

    Thanks for the ebay link too!! xx

  9. Wow that is such an amazing saving! Well doneeee :)

    I may need to invest in the Avon mascara!

    you bought some fab things! xx

  10. I love the idea of Buyapowa, I can't afford anything at the moment but there seems to be some really great deals!

  11. Wow you got some lovely bits!

    Sarah xx

  12. Harrriiet - I did indeed :) You're welcome xx

    Leanne - No, not a fan - Sure! xx

    Hayley - It's beautiful! I did indeed :) xx

    The Pampered Sparrow - It's great quality! Perfect for travelling too. Thanks xx

    Katie - The Face & Body brush is ridiculously soft, it's lovely!! I did indeed :) Aww, thank you xx

    Scarlett - Thank you :) Oh bless you, I quite like the foundation, I'll have to review it for you soon :) You're welcome! xx

    ButterflyBoo - Thank you :) I think 'savvy' must be my middle name ;) xx

    Laura - Buyapowa is great for bargains but bad for my bank account haha xx

    Sarah - Thanks xx

  13. amazing! I really need to try buyapowa I've seem some sweet deals on there recently xx

    1. I've got some really great things on there for fab prices - worth a look xx

  14. Excellent bargain hunting skills! The deals coming up on buyapowa just keep getting better, I check it more than is good for my health! I love your Essie haul too - I buy OPI and China Glaze from the US through eBay as it's so much cheaper. I'll check out the prices on Essie ones too next time - I also have a hankering for barefoot! xx

    1. Thanks :) Haha same! I love how it seems to be more beauty based lately. Yeah it saves ridiculous amounts, meaning we can buy twice as much ;) Barefoot is beautiful! xx