Monday, 2 January 2012

Things I learned in December 2011

My last ever things I learned post for 2011! I've really enjoyed writing these, it's a snapshot of a bit of every day. Shall I keep these up in 2012? Let me know :)

001. Following on from my Things I learned in November 2011 post, I learned today that my boss must be able to dance as he has a gold line dancing medal on his desk. Well I never.

002. Frankie & Benny's hotdogs are just delicious. So are their waiters ;)

003. I am a little bit addicted to Monopoly on the iPhone. Saying that I am yet to win. My competitive streak dislikes this!

004. Sundays at work aren't as quiet as they used to be.

005. China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a lot less hassle when you layer it over an opaque polish.

006. This saving money thing isn't going well.

007. I own a ridiculous 174 nail polishes.

008. Dreams are sent to try us. Or just plain freak us out.

009. I'm not a massive fan of change.

010. I now own 183 nail polishes. Whoops. Superdrug suck. And bah humbug to Christmas shopping on a Saturday!

011. I think I've finally gotten used to our new car.

012. Late shifts can go quickly.

013. Men also do subtle. Who knew?

014. People do get terribly irate over the silliest things.

015. We'd be lost without fossil fuels.

016. Sometimes I just never learn

017. When it comes to baking, you really can make it up as you go along!

018. I should stop reading too much into things...

019. BuyaPowa is actually quite good!

020. Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's should not be ignored. Quite impressed to be honest.

021. My bank like to have random amounts disappear from my bank. I dislike this.

022. I have lost all sense of date, time and common sense.

023. Unexpected bad news is the worst kind

024. It's fine to make up the rules of pool as you go along ;)

025. I'm a bit addicted to a Snoopy game on my iPhone

026. Sale shopping can be done from the comfort of your own sofa. Perfect.

027. People don't phone call centres on a bank holiday. But cheers for paying me double for doing nothing :)

028. I am feeling broody. There are too many cute babies dressed in festive outfits!

029. Maybe, just maybe, this is the start of something new and very good.

030. I can get Staffordshire oatcakes in my local Sainsbury's. Amazing.

031. New Year's Eve is always full of drama.

What have you learned this month? Have you had any big life lessons this year? Feel free to share :) Just call me Auntie Kim ;)


Last but not least, have a bloody fabulous 2012!

Love to all :)

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  1. I love these posts! If it helps I still have more nail polish than you, wouldn't even like to count, especially with how quickly the numbers are growing! xx

  2. I'm addicted to Monopoly on the iPhone too. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, and got a bit obsessed with it!

    Tess xo

  3. I'm banned from playing Monopoly in any form, apparently it brings out the worst in me :-S And number 23, ain't it just! x

  4. I love your 'what I learnt' posts!

    The nail varnish is hilarious, I thought I had a lot! xx

  5. Your "what I learnt" posts are my favourite :)

  6. You are SO right!! New Year's eve is SOOO dramatic! Happy New Year sweetie xox

  7. Lydia - Thank you :) Hehe oh deary! Saying that I just got more for Christmas and may have a US eBay order on the way haha xx

    Tess - Haha same! xx

    Alexis - Hehe oh dear! I get very competitive too, I once played my sister for a week straight until I won! Yeah :( Hope you're ok xx

    ButterflyBoo - Thank you :) I'm a little bit ashamed at how much I actually own! xx

    Laura - Thank you :) xx

    Katie - Aren't they just? Deary me. Thank you! Happy new year to you too xx

  8. That's a great list of things you've learnt! My big lesson from 2011 is that I'm more ambitious and motivated than I ever knew! Let's hope all that pays off in 2012!

  9. Happy new year lovely! Definitely keep these posts up in 2012, I love reading them x

  10. Bethany - Fingers crossed for you! xx

    Stephanie - Thank you :) Happy new year to you too! Will do :) xx

  11. I always enjoy these posts and would love it if you continue them this year!

    022. Me too. Christmas does that! ;) xx

  12. Thank you :) I will do! Haha true! xx