Monday, 9 January 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

♥ Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Rediscovered and fallen back in love with it :)

♥ 17 Metallic Eyes in Wild Nude
Beautiful colour and a fab base - I've been loving nudey browns for a bit of a quick smoky eye.

♥ Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Gel Liners
Perfect to add sparkle to your make up!

♥ Queen Cosmetics Eyelash Cream
I am loving this product! My eyelashes are so much fuller and longer! *flutters*

 Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!
This perfume is the perfect mix of fruity and floral and perfect for daytime wear


Which products have you been loving lately?

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  1. Oh Lola is lovely! Colin did end up getting it for me for Christmas ;) haha x

  2. Lucky lady :D I love it! xx

  3. this blush is one of my favorites as well! good combination of quality and price! =)

  4. I bought Rose Gold last year and haven't used it half as much as I thought I would. I definitely need to dig it out once I'm tanned up again xx

  5. I own all of those collection 2000 glitter liners, they are amazing, and the price helps, too!

  6. I just went and brought that eyelash cream. Last night when i took my mascara off, i noticed my eyelashes were looking a bit manky. I can't wait to try it :D

  7. I really want to try an eyelash cream, I've seen a few people saying they do actually work...

  8. Argyrousa - Isn't it just beautiful? Gives a lovely radiance to the skin xx

    Sarah - Yeah mine sort of fell to the back of my collection, but I've rediscovered it and adore how it looks xx

    Laura - I nearly do too haha, they're fab! xx

    Allylae - Oh really? Hope it works for you! My lashes are super long now! Can't believe how good a price it is! And to think I wasted £40 on Rapidlash... xx

    Raz - I can totally vouch for the Queen Cosmetics one! Definitely recommend it xx

  9. Need to smell this perfume, love the bottle! xx

  10. Carla - It's beautiful! xx

  11. I love Oh lola! Im not a huge fan of the original Lola but I love this one.


  12. I was the same with Lola. Much prefer the newer version xx