Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hurrah for 120 Pro Palette!

For anyone that's been following my blog, you'll know that a little over a month ago, I pretty much slated the 120 Pro Palette. But now I am back with better news. And it's all thanks to Marlena from Makeup Geek. I've been following her on YouTube and I have to say she's now my ultimate favourite YouTube makeup guru. And a couple of weeks ago, she did a 'Purple Smokey Eyes' tutorial using the 120 Pro Palette. I loved the look, and Marlena made it look so effortless. So this morning I tried it out, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the results I came up with. I think it worked this time as I've recently bought, and fell in love with, a new eye base from Gosh Cosmetics - and boy does it work! And using Marlena's technique of patting the colour onto my lid rather than sweeping it across, fall out is practically non-existent! Marvellous!

Here's the video from Marlena:

As you can see, she makes it look easy and guides you through every single step.

Here are the colours I used:

Red Circle: Highlight
Orange Circle: Pink for the crease colour
Yellow Circle: Used this on top of my base in place of Marlena's NYX jumbo pencil
Green Circle: Main lid colour
Blue Circle: Darker lid colour for outer edge of the eye
Purple Circle: Black powder to darken the outer edge and line the lashes

Here are my results:

I strongly suggest you take a look at Marlena's website and follow her on YouTube, she's truly an inspiration :]

Until next time,


  1. Y' see, I'll NEVER get to have eyes made up as fabulously as yours unless I get someone to do it for me! I am stuck in the land of the powder shadow because creams always crease on my crepey lids despite the promises of manufacturers to the contrary, and in ANY event, I am no good at shading;even though I have a number of Benefit eye kits that come with zealous instructions with regard to application, I still end up looking like a panda trapped in the headlights of a 4x4!!

  2. I used to think that too but with a bit of practice it is possible. If you want to prevent creasing I suggest Gosh Cosmetics' Eye Shadow Base, it's around £5 and can be bought from Superdrug and it definitely does the job. I thoroughly recommend it!

  3. Thanks for the tip; I've been using a fy.. eye primer by Benefit and have to say its one of the few products in their range that lets me down - And Gosh sounds like an incredible bargain, at a whole twelve pounds cheaper than the benefit stuff!

  4. That's a powder primer isn't it if its the one I'm thinking of? I saw that being used in a tutorial on YouTube and was a bit skeptical of it working. The Gosh one is a sort of creamy base and you put it on and blend it in and it doesn't crease, your eyeshadow stays in place until you take it off. No more dodgy end of the day creasing or smudging. I did a blog review on it a while back. At approximately a fiver you really cannot go wrong :D

  5. I've run of out F..Y..Eye and havent replaced it with anything else ( hence TREMENDOUS frustration with cream shadows) because I found it a bit rubbish, which is unusual for Benefit.

    Have you checked out their webpage, btw?

    Will definately give the Gosh primer a go, though - I need something, I think!!

  6. I haven't, but will do, thanks. The Gosh primer is well worth it. And I think at the moment Superdrug have an offer on - 3 for 2 - on all Gosh cosmetics :]