Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review: Nails Inc Nail Polish in 'Tate'

So I might be a newbie to Nails Inc, but I am a convert. I love their products. I'm slowly building up my collection piece by piece. Every colour I've tried so far I've loved. Here comes the but. I've just tried out 'Tate'. I got it on sale a couple of months back on the Nails Inc site. Finally I decided to use it. It's a lovely colour. I cannot stress that enough. I've only used red a few times in the past but this is quite different. It's not a loud, obvious, out there sort of a red. It's dark, and understated in a way. I like it. The only thing I found was when it came to applying it, one coat wasn't enough. You needed two and even then sometimes the colour wasn't quite so even. Now it's dry it looks better. Maybe I should have used a base coat with it. I'll try that next time because I'm not prepared to give up on this wonderful polish just yet.

I think this deserves a 3 stars out of 5 rating. I'll update when I use a basecoat with it and see if it makes a difference. Fingers crossed.

Until next time,


  1. Not a personal fan of Nails Inc, tbh; they have an expensive nail bar in a big department store near me, with heavy emphasis on the expense; not only that, their polishes dont dry quickly enough for me, and any manicure I've had with them has, because of this been seriously disappointing.
    Did I mention expensive?!?

  2. They are expensive but saying that when I've bought their products its either been from their clearance section online or from eBay. Always a bargain hunter!

    I found 'Tate' didn't dry very quickly, I was quite disappointed. Saying that, its the only one I have been disappointed in.

    As for the manicures, I haven't had one because the prices put me off, I am a student after all. If I get round to trying one I'll blog about it. A tad offputting to hear that they disappointed you though.