Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Recent Antics

Hi all!

Feels like a while since I blogged, I've had a busy past few days! Oh where to start?

Ok, so Sunday (9th August) I, and a few friends, went to Skegness, aka SkegVegas, to see the last night of Jimmy Carr's 2008/09 tour 'Joke Technician'. While I usually love JC, I admit to being a tad disappointed at the show. Maybe having a headache sort of dampened it a bit. We'd all got so excited about it, and with being the last night of the tour we thought it'd be good. Upon arriving at the Embassy Centre we were really disappointed that they'd sold out of programmes :[ And the venue wasn't quite what I'd thought it'd be, but on the plus side, we were quite near the stage. First half of the gig was pretty good and I laughed pretty much all the way through. Second half however, my headache had turned into a really bad migraine and I didn't feel at all well, plus I was faced with the prospect of driving all the way home, plus dropping various people off en route. I didn't feel well enough to stay and meet Jimmy. Although in all fairness I had met him after one of his previous shows on his last tour but still was gutted. I did see the ledge however before leaving the building. All in all, I didn't feel it was necessarily one of his best performances. However that certainly won't stop me from buying tickets for the date he's in town near my uni!

Monday consisted of dragging myself out of bed, packing and tootling off cross country to my university. I think you can guess why. Oops. Yesterday I came back and was somewhat exhausted.

Today however was significantly cheered up by the arrival of the kirby grip bows that I bought on eBay last week! They are awesome and I love them!! Look:

Think you can say I'm a little bit obsessed with polka dots! XD

And tonight, on a whim I decided, what the heck, and took the plunge to buy an item I'd been watching for a while. At £3.49 I think you can safely say twas a bargain!

Deary me, me and eBay = bad mix lol! On the eBay note, I don't suppose any of you happen to know if China Glaze nail polish is stocked in the UK? And if so where? Comment if you know please :]

Until next time,


  1. I confess I have no clue as to China Glaze Nail polish, dottie - but if you say its good, it MUST be good! Let me know if you manage to track it down, my toenails are in sore need of industrial strength varnishing!!

  2. I sure will. Currently waiting for a reply from them. Although it's been a while! However I did spot China Glaze in a beautician's window in town so I may pop in and ask if they sell it or see where they get it from. 'Cause it comes from somewhere right?