Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Review: Moisturizer

Ok, any girl knows that for good looking skin, she needs to moisturize. I've tried loads in the attempt to find one that I really like and that suits my skin. I've used practically every brand that can be found on the high street. And I've not been overly impressed by any. Until now. And girls, this is not on the high street. It's in a supermarket. A budget supermarket at that. Yes you heard right, Lidl to be exact.

Ok so a few weeks ago, I was in need of moisturizer as I'd finally used mine up. I went delving into the bathroom storage units and found my Mum's moisturizer. I thought it'd do until I could afford to stock up on some more. The brand in question was Cien Bodycare's Skin Care Cream. My hopes weren't high. But I was proved wrong. This stuff is AMAZING. The Germans obviously know how to make moisturizer. Which is more than I can say for Garnier or Nivea. I promptly nipped across the road and bought a pot.

Ok so what did I like about this product? Oh where to start! A little goes a long way which means I won't have to stock up on it frequently. Then again at a mere £1.93 for 250ml(!!!) I wouldn't be all that bothered (compared to £2.98 for 250ml of Garnier Hydralock). It has a nice scent and consistency and a non-sticky, non-greasy formula which is fabulous. Garnier take note! It goes into the skin really well and has left my face feeling soft and smooth with a lovely dewy glow. But it doesn't stop there. I use this product not only on my face, but on my hands, legs and feet. What I love about this moisturizer is that its good for sensitive skin. Hence why I use it on my legs. When I used Nivea or Garnier Hydralock after shaving - ouch! It stung, but this Cien Skin Care Cream doesn't hurt at all. And it locks moisture in just as well if not better than Garnier's Hydralock.

I really don't think I can say any more except - go and get yourself a pot!!

So good I even had to put my name on it!

Until next time,


  1. Never could get on with Garnier products, meself - I find them very drying, which is a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to moisturiser. I am a HUGE fan of Benefit Cosmetics, though, and their moisturiser 'Dear John' is a real drink for the skin; it smells fantastic, and my face doesnt feel like its been pulled back into a Croydon Face Lift; in fact after using it my skin feels soft, and , dare I say it, takes on quite a dew like hue!
    I'm also a HUGE fan of Philosophy - but getting it out here in the sticks in ANY form is like trying to collect chickens teeth!
    Your new moisturiser sounds fantastic though; would love to give it a try because I'm almost out of mine and its nice to test something new!
    Where can you get it?

  2. I've only tried a Benefit mascara but I've heard so much about them I feel I need to give them a try. I've heard good things about the 'Dear John' moisturiser, I'll have to get some next time I'm in the vicinity of a Benefit counter.

    I've not heard of Philosophy but I'll see if I can get my hands on some. I'm always up for trying something new.

    I got my moisturiser in Lidl of all places. Wasn't expecting miracles but it surprised me!

  3. Lidl's?! REALLY??

    Right then thats me off on a shopping expedition later on today!

    The big drag with both philosophy ( available either at its website, or slightly more cheaply, through QVC) and Benefit is that they are both qutie expensive; however, in my experience that expense has been wELL worth it!

  4. Yep, really. I was shocked too but I love the stuff!

    I have a birthday coming up so I can see a few wish lish items. Might convince my parents to take a visit to Debenhams. I'm sure they stock Benefit.

  5. If your local Debs is a BIG store, they will likely have a Benefit Bar, where you can try on their products/get your eyebrows shaped n' tinted (WITHOUT the DRAG of having to make an appointment!!) They are incredibly GIRLIE, and I love em to bits!

    Philosophy have a web page, heres the addy:


    Check it out - but if you fancy anything, its probably best to get it through QVC; the Bigger Boots used to run a range of their stuff, but Im not sure thats the case any more

  6. It's a fairly big store and I know they do Urban Decay and I'm sure Benefit is next to it. Next time I go I'll pop in. They sound great!

    Thanks for that. Ah right. QVC it is then.