Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tick... tock... tick... tock...

I know I shouldn't complain about the fact that this is university vacation time. But I am so, so, so very bored. I am finding myself wishing that I had some work to do. Ironic I know. If we were to go back a few months when I was slaving away over essays, I was constantly wishing today would be the day I'd get them done. Other universities have released 3rd year reading lists. But my university? Oh no. I can't even get into the module sections on our online web portal. I would email, but given last year's response I don't think I'll bother. All I received was "You're very keen, but you'll get to know what to read when the module starts." Thanks very much... Then they swamp us with reading which we're hard pushed to juggle amongst everything else. I think I'd rather have it now so I could begin to prepare. I wish the law department at my university wasn't so damn unorganized. With an increased number of modules to be taken this year, I would have thought that releasing a reading list was the LEAST they could do. Apparently not. And then they have the gall to have a go at us when we haven't had time to do 5498730547938542 pages of reading in time for a seminar. God give me strength!!

*Deep breath... in... and out... in and out...*

Until next time,


  1. Hiya Dottie,

    While it is seriously bloody frustrating to feel you have time on your hands that could be devoted to some form of pre reading, I can quite see the point of your law school holding fire with respect to reading lists, for the simple reason that you may be confused or confounded by the material without having the benefit of anyone to explain/discuss it with you.Some of the read material may not be as useful as you might think it's going to be, in any event.
    This said, when you go back to your university check out your campus bookshop or nearest book seller, just to see what texts have been ordered in; often times the recommended books arent that hard to spot, judging by the great big piles waiting to be grabbed!
    May I ask what subjects you are taking this year?

  2. In hindsight, I can see why they didn't release anything with respect to Land Law. However for the other subjects I think it would have helped.

    Ah yes, Waterstones will be my first stop on campus when I return.

    Sure, I'm taking the core modules of EU Law and Equity then I've chosen to take Crime 3, Law, Media & Popular Culture, Healthcare Law and Principles of Sentencing :]

  3. Wow, that's a quirky list of option modules! BTW, I've added you to my blawgroll over at Law Actually! :-)

  4. We had quite a few to choose from. I thought I might as well go for ones that interested me. Although a shame I won't get to do some. It was a tough choice to make! Thanks :]