Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekly Wishlist

1. I'm slowly branching out into the world of red lips and I'm loving a more sheer look rather than a full on statement lip. After seeing New Look on Lilit's blog, it quickly found its way on to my wishlist!

2. I am loving red lately and after my purchase of my numero uno wishlist item from last week, I need a matching hat of course. May as well look all chic in my winter attire, non?

3. I've decided I need a decent make up primer and after seeing Leanne's post I think I need to get my mitts on it.

4. It has been perishingly cold here of late and in the spirit of wrapping up warm, I've decided I need to regress to my childhood and have some stylish black ear muffs in my life.

5. I used to use this when I first purchased my beloved GHDs. It made protected my hair whilst making it smell amazing. A bottle lasts for ages and I really miss it. I've seen it appear in a few blog posts lately and I think I need it back in my life!

6. After my most recent spur of the moment purchase of a Tassimo machine, I've decided I need some beautiful cups to serve my beloved hot beverages in. Bombay Duck have hit the nail on the head with this beautiful range.

♥ ♥ ♥

Are you lusting over anything particular this week?

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