Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Summary

Hello lovelies!

Gosh, this post was later than planned. I forgot. Brain like a sieve and all that :/

♥ Funny work place banter

♥ Retail therapy

♥ Finishing The Fry Chronicles - a thoroughly good read and awaiting the next installment!

♥ Having a new baby cousin to go and see soon

♥ Bright nail polish

♥ Maxi dresses

♥ Using up the last No 7 voucher for a change


Listening to: Nicole Scherzinger - Right There & Paramore - Monster

Watching: Lisa Eldridge and Bicky

Buying: Flip flops and maxi dresses


A few to follow: Klee, Irene & Jenny May


I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! And don't forget to pick up the News Of The World tomorrow to claim those free Nails Inc polishes :D

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  1. Ahh dammit, forgot to use my No7 voucher!

  2. thanks for the reminder about the nails inc, eek! and thanks for the mention too love xx

  3. Stephanie - Oh no! I've just worked out that I've used 8. I should have shares in Boots I think haha xxx

    Klee - You're welcome :) xxx

  4. Flip flops and maxi dresses sound like ideal summer purchases! And congratulations on your new baby cousin! :)

    sorelle in style

  5. I like to think so :D Thank you :) xxx