Sunday, 26 June 2011

Try the Jergens Naturals: Fantastic-O-Meter!

Morning lovelies!

If you saw my recent post on Jergens Naturals, then you'll know that they were launching a Fantastic-O-Meter on Facebook

Jergens Naturals: Fantastic-O-Meter
Have you got the right life balance?

Welcome to the Fantastic-O-Meter where you'll be able to identify the areas of your life where you might need a little injection of Fantastic

Simply rate six key areas: Love life, friends, finance, health & wellbeing, family and fun!

To try the Fantastic-O-Meter, click the image!

If you try the Fantastic-O-Meter, let me know how fantastic your life is!

Have a good Sunday :)

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  1. I just came across your blog looking for a review on the Kryolan Ant shine powder. I have it and I love it but I wanted to see what other people said. I see that you like it too :).
    Loving your blog. I'll read it all at some point.

  2. Its great! Thank you :) xxx