Sunday, 3 April 2011

Things I learned through March 2011

Hello cupcakes :)

001. Couriers are absolutely useless. Neither they nor Royal Fail Mail can distinguish between 'Road' and 'Parade'. Moral of the story: buy things the old fashioned way, i.e. by going to the shops.

002. Working basic hours does not make for an exciting pay packet.

003. Today was a crap day which served to further degrade my faith in humanity. Rude, bitchy, pissy customers can really get you down!!! Although thankfully, one lovely lady rather made my day.

004. One cannot resist a few bargains. Superdrug and Boots, I'm looking specifically at yourselves.

005. We're boring old souls! We went out and were back at our hotel by 12. Getting old before our time haha!

006. I have a new favourite phrase: wine blanket. Apparently this is why we don't feel the cold when a little under the influence :D

007. I'm loving nude polishes at the moment

008. A long term job in customer service is not for me.

009. People are just plain stupid sometimes!

010. Being confused as to what day it is is off putting and makes you feel like an idiot when dealing with customers haha! Oopsie!

011. Tax is just confusing.

012. I'm getting old. I was in bed by half 8. Exhaustion central?!

013. I have far too much makeup!

014. I love nail polish for giving me a lift :D

015. I have the willpower to not spend a single penny in Boots and Superdrug when I have a serious goal to meet :D

016. Bumper pay packets make my week :D

017. When I get hot I get irritable!

018. I like that my bank protects me but not when it bars my account for a legit purchase!

019. Don't always judge a book by it's cover.

020. One can't eat a three course meal without feeling like one is about to explode. Thank you Harvester.

021. I hate waiting for things.

022. Apple Macs > Windows.

023. Middle aged men making sexual innuendo to other members of staff is just weird. *Tumbleweed*

024. Michael McIntyre's autobiography is a brilliant read!

025. Late night internet browsing leads to a few unnecessary purchases winging their way to me... Oops!

026. It's impossible to find nice, purple curtains around here :(

027. When I am bored, I shop.

028. I'm such a romantic at heart :)

029. I love Ikea :D

030. A lunchtime gossip is always a bit of fun ;)

031. I'm ridiculously forgetful! I think I need post it notes. Someone remind me yes?

Have you learned anything interesting or exciting this month?

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  1. i love nude nail polish too xxxxxxxxx

  2. I've learnt you can staple your hand to a prescription. It's not fun!

  3. Kirsty - Isn't it fab? xxx

    Laura - Ouch! xxx