Monday, 4 April 2011

NOTD: Essie Funny Face

Hello lovelies!

I've finally found time to road test my first Essie polish! Not gonna lie, I bought it because of the name. It's such a pretty colour but boy does it chip like a biatch!

Do you like Essie polishes? Which shades do I need to try next?

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  1. Pretty colour!

    I quite like Essie polishes: Van D'Go (a peachy pastel pink) is one of my faves for spring. I also adore Sew Psyched and Going Incognito from their fall/winter 2010 collection. And Up's might just be my favourite red of all time.


  2. It's such a lovely pink. <3 Essie is good at their pinks.

  3. If you can track it down, lapis of luxury is gorgeous x

  4. Madita - Thanks :) I shall give them a Google, thanks xxx

    Lolita - Agreed xxx

    Hebeflora - Thank you xxx

    Laura - Oo thanks! xxx

  5. oo this colour is perfection to me! I've never tried Essie but if they chip then maybe I'll give them a miss.

  6. It's lush but it chipped and peeled terribly. It needed two coats then I used Seche Vite. Not sure if it's the polish or Seche :S xxx

  7. Such a beautiful colour! I love how bright and glossy it is x

  8. *puts sunglasses on" Whoa. Now that's a bright pink! I like it :p

  9. Ooh this is so gorgeous and girly! Love it! xxx