Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hello lovelies :)

I've made a couple of MAC orders recently so I thought I'd share with you the goodies that arrived!

Well Dressed Powder Blush - this is the perfect pink shade for my skin tone :D

Bare Study Paint Pot - believe the hype, it's so worth it!

Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 - possibly the best concealer in the world?!

Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipglass 2 - a perfect neutral shade

and a bonus freebie Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara - for lush lashes




L-R: Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipglass 2, Well Dressed, Bare Study, Studio Finish Concealer

Have you made any MAC purchases lately? Do you have any recommendations for products that I should try next? I'm looking forward to the release of the Fashion Flower collection next month *hoards wages*

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  1. I haven't actually tried anything by MAC before, I always say I will but then run out of money! haha I've heard good things about the lipsticks though :) xxx

  2. Well Dressed looks marvellous. I am still sans MAC, which is unbelievable really. Fashion Flower sounds good, looking forward to images.

  3. Well Dressed was my first MAC buy and I absolutely love it! Such a pretty colour - need to see it on you! :)

    Definitely give the lipsticks a go, I'm really impressed for the price - I picked up Snob, Angel and Hot Tahiti and wear all three regularly xx

  4. Daisy - The lipsticks are lush :D xxx

    Konni - Ditto! Looking forward to the swatches on Temptalia xxx

    Laura - It's so gorgeous isn't it? I'll get an FOTD up soon for you :) I love the lipsticks I have so far from MAC. Angel, Creme Cup & The Fairie Glen are my favourites. Will definitely have to pick up Snob and check out Hot Tahiti xxx

  5. I've never tried MAC, I feel so deprived lol. :( I've always wanted to try their foundation/concealer especially, but I'm just plum too afraid to go to a counter and find out what shade I'd be. Your goodies look lovely though! <3

  6. I haven't been shade matched at MAC either - bit scared to go and ask lol. I guessed at my concealer shade - I knew I have a warm colouring so I'd need an NC shade (I think anyway haha) - and its spot on xxx

  7. What do you make of the mascara? I'm very tempted by it! Lovely order you got there :)

  8. It gives lush lashes but it transfers and it clumps :( xxx

  9. The blush looks lovely.I may have to swatch the lady gaga gloss on my next trip to mac! xxx

  10. It's gorgeous! Wish I'd purchased earlier. The Gaga gloss is gorgeous too xxx

  11. You have such a cute blog!
    Well Dressed is my all-time favorite blush =)
    I use Painterly every day.. and I think I just may need to get Bare Study too!

  12. Thank you lovely :) I've barely used any other blush since getting Well Dressed! Love it! I've been using Bare Study a lot, it's lovely. Might have to get Painterly too! xxx