Thursday, 7 April 2011

NOTD & Speed Review: Kelier Watermelon Cracking Polish

Hello possums :)

The nail art world is going crazy for Crackle polishes at the moment! With offerings being released left, right and centre from brands such as Models Own, OPI, China Glaze, Barry M and 17. 

I have another one to throw into the mix - Kelier's Cracking Polish in Watermelon. I received this to review from Born Pretty Store when the only coloured cracking polish on the market was black so I was intrigued to see how different it would look with a colour.


Kelier Watermelon over Bourjois Ultra Shine in Bleu Violet #31

My thoughts

The colour is pretty and I like that the finish is not matte like most of the current options on the market. When this polish cracks, the cracks appear to be more uniform and look a lot neater than the Barry M Instant Nail Effects. Come to think of it, my nails remind me ever so slightly of a crocodile effect handbag! The one thing I didn't like with this polish was the amount of time it took to have any type of effect. One coat took 5 minutes before it even began to show signs of cracking and then it took a few minutes for the process to complete. I do think its a nice finish though, and it's nice to put a bit of a colourful twist on some easy nail art!

If you'd like to try this, head over to the Born Pretty Store :) It retails at $4.52 and there are 7 colours available!

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* Item sent for review purposes


  1. I don't normally like the crackle look, but that looks so different from all the others out there. I really like that for some reason.

  2. Ooh, what a weird effect. Definitely not like Barry M at all. I think it looks like snake skin!

    I like the fact that's it not matte, and the colour is stunning, but I can't help feeling that the colour underneath is going to waste hmm!

  3. I really like this polish the cracks are a lot more subtle than other crackle polishes I've seen around which I've never been completely on board with. The glossy finish is gorgeous as well. I think this is more my style than other crackle polishes I've seen.

  4. Jo - It's definitely different xxx

    Kat - Yeah same, I was expecting more shrinkage like Barry M! xxx

    Megsy - Totally agree with you :) xxx

  5. Gorgeous colour, I like the subtle crack effect and how shiny it is. x

  6. This looks amazing! i tried the Barry M nail effects and was totally put off the whole crackle craze because of it. But this looks sooo good. x

  7. I'm not too crazy about the Barry M Nail Effects but the Kelier one is pretty good and they do a range of colours xxx

  8. I think this cracking polish creates the best effect I´ve seen so far. I really like that it makes those neat lines and that kinda snake-like look, rather than the marble-like look that most of the other cracking polishes come out like.

  9. Same here, it's certainly different :) xxx