Monday, 11 April 2011

Cupcakes Ahoy!

Morning lovelies :)

It's rare I have the time to sit and do complicated nail art these days but I finally got around to doing cupcake nails last week!

Products Used

17 Sweet Kisses
17 Sherbert Lemon
e.l.f. White
Barry M Fabulous Red
GOSH Wild Lilac
Rimmel 60 Seconds Coralicious
China Glaze For Audrey
MUA Shade 12
Models Own/WAH White Nail Art Pen
Seche Vite Top Coat
Dotting Tool

Have you been adventuring into nail art lately? Do you have any design requests for me to do?

EDIT: Apparently I "copied" another blogger. FYI, I didn't and wouldn't without crediting, which is obvious from my other nail art posts in which I've recreated designs that I've seen. So don't believe all that you read :)

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  1. Love love love them! been meaning to try cupcake nails for ages, keep seeing people post them! A must do :)

  2. Love love love them! been meaning to try cupcake nails for ages, keep seeing people post them! A must do :)

  3. What colour nails would you recommend to wear for a wedding? My dress is nude. Would be a really big help. Thank you. Love the cupcake nails. x

  4. Hi, great design may have to try myself soon. I have multi-coloured polka dots at the minute:-)

  5. Oh my goodness this is SO cute! I love, love, love this! Amazing job lovely.


  6. Oh wow soo cute!! I wouldn't have the patience to do this lol

  7. Look how talented you are! Great job lady...they look fabulous


  8. Angelkitty86 - Thank you :) Same here, I just haven't had time. They're pretty easy to do though! xxx

    Thinkpinkpeople - If your dress is nude, I'd go for a classic french manicure or a french manicure that uses peach rather than pink. But that's just my personal preference :) Thank you xxx

    Catherine - Thanks :) Oo I love multi coloured polka dots! xxx

    Georgie - Thank you :) xxx

    Nic - Thank you :) It was time consuming but I've had manis that have taken a lot longer lol xxx

    Christina - Aww thanks :) xxx

  9. amazing Kim! You should try those cadburys chocolate bar nails on tattydevine! I bet you'd be able to do them :) xx

  10. no it's emilys nail files that has the chocolate nails lol. xx

  11. These are so cute! You're making me want to start doing nail art. xx

  12. Ashlie - Thank you :) Oh my days I saw Emily's chocolate nails - they looked amazing but there's no way I could do them! xxx

    Madita - Thanks. Go for it! xxx

  13. These are gorgeous! I've been so lazy with my nails lately... x

  14. That looks so cute, love the design! :) xx

  15. Rachel - Thank you :) Ditto! I haven't worn polish in about a week. Shocking ;) xxx

    Joy - Thanks xxx

  16. Gorgeous Nails Kim! You used a lot of colours - I would never have the patience to do that! xx

  17. Hi, I have tagged you in my Kreativ Blooger Post :-) x

  18. Emily - Thank you :) xxx

    Catherine - Thank you! xxx

  19. Such pretty nail art, I love the cherry on top! :) I'm not great with nail art, but I like playing with tape manicures. I may not be able to paint in a straight line, but I can stick tape on to help :P xxx