Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Good morning possums!

If you haven't dipped your toes into the world of gel liner yet, you're missing out. Maybelline have introduced their Lasting Drama gel liner to the high street and I think it's well and truly earned it's popular status amongst us liner addicts. I'm so impressed with this product, I couldn't not review it!


Maybelline say: Our liner revelation: Intense colour and lasting wear in an easy to apply gel. Create a natural or dramatic look - you choose!

I say: I was incredibly surprised at how fabulous this liner is. The gel is the perfect consistency and the colour is opaque on the first application. So whether you want to add some definition to your lashes or get your Amy Winehouse on, this is the product for you.


Applied with the brush supplied with product

Maybelline say: Designed to give an intense black line. The long lasting gel formula means up to 24 hour hold. Easy to apply with the brush which is included. You can create different looks and intensities with this one product. No transfer. Easy application (fine or thick line). 1 step application. 

I say: As I mentioned above, the colour of the liner is opaque and it really is a true jet black. I've found that the liner can withstand a long day with no smudging (applied around 5:30am and lasted perfectly until about 10pm). I was surprised at how good the brush was. I find it easy to use and very precise - perfect cat-eye flicks anyone? I find if I use a primer and then eye shadow I don't get any transfer to my lid but if I don't use any products on the eye I do get a teeny bit of transfer, but to be honest it's not really that mentionable. It's not very often I don't wear colour on my eyes. The packaging says to use waterproof eye makeup remover but I find this comes off fine with a make up wipe. Overall, a little gem of a product!

Price: RRP £7.99
Available from: Boots and Superdrug

Product: 9/10
Price: 9/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: Definitely

Have you tried the Maybelline Gel Liner? What are your thoughts? Do you have another gel liner to recommend?

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  1. Ohh thank you for sharing this! I've been looking for a good gel eye liner that isn't stupidly expensive. Will defiantly be buying this one :) x

  2. Constantly comparing to MACs Fluidline and it compares great! I think it's just as good.

  3. I loved this from the first time I tried it! It was one of my first reviews.

    I still adore it now!

  4. Love this product, it was the first gel liner I've ever tried and I'm really impressed with it. x

  5. I absolutely love this product, I've found thin lines a little difficult but now am used to the brush. Lasts forever, even through sleep! Haha :D xx

  6. Leanne - You're welcome :) I definitely recommend this one, I think it's really worth it xxx

    Phoebe - I've heard that too. I always wanted to try Blacktrack by MAC but I think I'll stick with the Maybelline as it's excellent :D xxx

    Emma - It's great isn't it? I've worn it every day since I got it! xxx

    Lily - I think this is the best gel liner I've tried :D xxx

    Emma - I use the side of the brush to do thin lines. It takes patience and precision but like you say, once you're used to the brush it's pretty easy to use. Haha amazing! xxx

  7. I wonder if this is available in Austria as well. I've been looking for a good alternative to the MAC Fluidline for a while. Thanks for the great review! xx

  8. I need to get me some of this. I've been using ELF studio gel liner but it dries out SO fast it's costing way more than I can afford in replacements!

  9. Great review, i hadnt heard of this product before seeing this and i will definately be trying this now! x

  10. I have debating over whether to get this for ages but you might have just sealed the deal lol! xxx

  11. Great! I wasnt sure about this purely because I seem to get that printing on my lid after a while too. Anything which is fairly good at not doing that is fab!

  12. Madita - Maybelline are a global brand aren't they, so fingers crossed for you! You're welcome xxx

    Laura - Yeah I've found that. Really need to chuck them out haha xxx

    Phily - Thank you :) It's really worth it, I promise! xxx

    Jess - I was like that then I just took the plunge. Best purchase I've made in ages! xxx

    Enigma - If you use a primer as a barrier against oily lids, such as UDPP I find there isn't a problem with transfer :) xxx

  13. thankyou so much for the review. this is a little bit pricey for a drugstore gel liner so i figured I'd go the whole hog and get a MAC BlackTrack fluidline but then I heard like paint pots, they tend to dry up so i was kind of skeptical about which i was to invest it and now that a decent review has come up, I can make a confident purchase!


  14. You're welcome! It's definitely worth every penny! I'm glad I helped you make a decision xxx