Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bargain of the week

Hello cupcakes!

Lately I've been inspired by bright eyeliners and so when I ambled into Superdrug a few days ago, I was drawn to the MUA stand in search of bright eyeliner. 

Behold MUA Turquoise Eye Liner


This cost me £1. Cheapest eyeliner I've ever bought, and quite frankly, one of the best. I use it for a pop of colour beneath my lower lash line and it stays in place all day!

Are you a fan of bright eyeliner? Have you tried the pencil liners from MUA?

Also, don't forget it's the launch of the Superdrug Beauty Card today!

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  1. Wow, really pretty I love these colours. :)

  2. I have one in 'jade jewel' and i'm so impressed with it- really smooth and pigmented!

  3. I like wearing coloured eyeliner, this one looks great - a really bright colour :) x

  4. Lovely colour, looks a lot like Barry M kingfisher blue, but at this price i think i might have found a new alternative :)
    As for the Superdrug card, i literally had someone following me round the shop today to tell me about it! :)

  5. Why did I not look at this today? I was on an eyeliner mission and dismissed them all as too expensive. FAIL! So need this.

  6. VampiressDoll - It's pretty isn't it? xxx

    LauraEve - I just bought Forest Green today. They're fab aren't they? Amazing for a mere £1! xxx

    Nic - Same here :) It's lush xxx

    Maria - Thanks. I haven't tried the Barry M ones. I'm such a cheapskate haha but my thriftyness has come up tops! Eurgh really? I got one today and I think the normal points earning thing is pants but the introductory points offers are good xxx

    Laura - Good question ;) I'm the same! Was so surprised at how good the MUA ones are xxx

  7. VampiressDoll - It's a lovely shade xxx

    LauraEve - Oo sounds nice! I've just bought Forest Green - another lovely shade :D xxx

    Nic - Same here :) xxx

  8. Very pretty shade Kim and so cheap! :) Is it creamy enough? Because pencils that are not creamy don't show up on my waterline :/ x

  9. It's very pretty isn't it? It's fine on skin (e.g. upper/lower lash line) but it didn't work on my waterline xxx