Monday, 16 May 2011

Review: e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Midnight

Good morning darlings :)

I can't even remember the last time I used a felt tip eyeliner pen. I've been a gel convert for ages. Alas, on my hunt for the perfect blue eyeliner, I decided to give the e.l.f. one a go.


e.l.f. sayGet no smudge, no budge eyeliner that lasts for hours for a fabulous and fresh look of precision. The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty.

I say: I wasn't sure what to expect from this liner but as with most e.l.f. products, I was suitably impressed. The colour is beautifully pigmented, doesn't smudge and stayed put all day. The tip is easy to manoeuvre so you really cannot get it wrong. Perfect!


e.l.f. sayHold applicator at a slight angle and apply color to the base of the lashes. Use a light touch for thin lines or a firmer touch for thicker lines. To remove easily use a water based makeup remover. Best stored tip down for ultimate color saturation.

I say: The tip on this pen is great. It's firm but not too firm and I found it incredibly easy to use. The colour was opaque from the first swipe, which I rarely find with felt tip applicators. Whilst this didn't budge during the day, I found it very easy to remove with a standard make up wipe.


Price: £1.50
Size: 1.8g
Available from: e.l.f.

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Repurchase: Yes

Have you tried the e.l.f. eyeliner pens? What's your favourite blue eyeliner?

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  1. for some really weird reason i am always really dubious about trying ELFs eye products...will have to give them a go after this review!! I love my gel liner, but getting bored of using it :) thank you for this xx

  2. I was the same! This was a real surprise though :) You're welcome, hope it helped xxx

  3. Ooh, it looks like it has a coppery duochrome to it (or is that just my eyes playing up?!) I love the ELF cream eyeliners, so would happily try one of these!

  4. I have the black one of these and I love it! I actually bought it on a whim after being really disappointed with an Eyeko Graffiti Liner and I'm so glad I did. Plus, at £1.50 I can take it on a night out without worrying about losing it :D

  5. This looks very good, i'm looking for an eyeliner pen as i'm useless when it comes to putting liquid eyeliners on, I shall give this a try. Thanks! :) xx

  6. Lily - That's just the flash picking that up, it's a matte navy in reality. I think its something to do with the colour blue, because if you look, the same happens with blue ink for pens - maybe it's the copper chemical in there? I'd definitely recommend, it's a budget beauty must have! xxx

    Hannah - I much prefer this over the Eyeko Graffiti Liner to be honest. Exactly right, cheap as chips! xxx

    ForeverGlitter - It's well worth a try! You're welcome xxx

  7. I prefer gel eyeliners too, I find them much easier to use, but I have to admit this one looks really pretty :) I really like Elf's Cream Eyeliner in Midnight ;) x

  8. I've fallen slightly out of love with my gel one atm haha. This e.l.f. one is lush! I haven't tried the cream one in midnight but my black one has dried up :( xxx

  9. :( Have you tried reviving it? There are many videos on youtube on how to bring your gel/cream eyeliner back to life :) Also keeping it upside down helps quite a bit :)

  10. To be honest its not like it cost the earth so I'm not too bothered about it. Yeah storing it upside down didn't help xxx