Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Lippie Love

Hello cupcakes :)

I thought I'd show you my current favourite lippies that I've picked up recently

Revlon Pink Pout

e.l.f. Classy

This smells fruity and is absolutely divine!

Barry M #153

I picked this up after seeing it on Jo's blog. Lovely colour but I kind of begrudged paying practically £5 for a teeny lippie. Is that just me being a Scrooge?


L-R: Revlon Matte Pink Pout, e.l.f. Classy, Barry M #153

Have you picked up any new lippies lately that you're absolutely loving?

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  1. Love the sound of E.l.f Classy. Fruity, yummy smelling products are my kinda thing!xx

  2. Love the Barry M one! xxx

  3. I recently picked up 153 too!What is the staying power of the elf lippie, like? Thanks for sharing.Rachelle x

  4. Oooh, Barry M 153 looks stunning! I think lippy is one of those things I don't minds splashing out on - they last forever! Especially if you have about 40 to choose from :S

  5. They are all so pretty! I love the Matte Pink from Revlon.
    I really need some pink lipsticks for the summer!

  6. Hehe - depend how much you like that lippie i suppose - if you love it then it's well worth £5 - but i always say that any money spent on something you don't like is a waste - even if it's 99p!

    Hope you likey :)

    That Revlon one looks nice, might have to have another look at the Boots 3 for 2 offer and consider picking it up. xx

  7. i love pink pout! its a very wearable color and feels great for a matte lipstick (:

  8. Katey - It does smell lush! xxx

    Daisy - It's gorgeous isn't it? xxx

    Rachelle - 153 is lovely. Classy has good staying power, just have to touch up after eating :) xxx

    Lily - Same here, definitely a worthwhile investment. Haha tell me about it, my collection is growing so much! xxx

    Natalie - Thanks :) The Revlon one is gorgeous, a perfect dusky rose shade xxx

    Jo - 153 is gorgeous :) I got the Revlon one on 3 for 2 haha xxx

    Eileen - Totally agree with you, I was surprised at how nice it felt on my lips xxx

  9. I have been on a crazy pink lipstick splurge! I love the Revlon one :) xo

  10. Ditto, I just keep going for pink shades! Thanks :) xxx