Sunday, 1 May 2011

Things I learned in April 2011

Hello sunbeams :)

001. I really want to go to Radio 1's Big Weekend. But I say that every year. One day it will come to the East of the country.

002. I think I'm exhausted. Or something. Which may account for my odd mood. And why I'm taking things more to heart at the moment? Like how disappointed I feel that someone in my life doesn't appear to appreciate the effort I'd make for our friendship...

003. I ♥ Ikea pillows! Full of squishy goodness.

004. My employers do know how to keep us pleased! Cupcakes ahoy!

005. I need to learn to say 'no'.

006. Dogs can take deliveries... apparently. And if I see or hear the phrase "bunch of flowers" again... I am going to scream. The phrase is 'bouquet'.

007. My job is safe. Phew!

008. I should always eat breakfast. Failing to do so = migraine central :(

009. I can't do the early morning thing AND stay up late.

010. I love my bed way too much.

011. I can be an early bird :D

012. I cannot stand rude people. There's just no blinking need for it.

013. I am forgetful. And I need a good dose of relaxation time. And I find Zane Lowe annoying and repetitive.

014. GOSH Holographic looks lush under Barry M Nail Effects in black. And I'm not going to the Big Weekend. Surprise surprise haha.

015. Work clearly think I have no life and that I can be at their beck and call. Erm no. Wine at the end of a looooong, tedious week makes me feel better :)

016. Every girl needs a well deserved pampering session!

017. Nottingham never gets any easier to drive around!

018. I may be addicted to Ikea. And buying pretty things.

019. I prefer later starting shifts so I have more time for myself :D

020. I appear to be neglecting lots of things in my life at the moment =/

021. Work like to mess me around *annoyed face*

022. I get too attached to ideas and people and things. Oh dear.

023. I can, actually say "no". Hallelujah!

024. I own way too much crap! Chucked out about 6 bin bags of rubbish today.

025. I ♥ quiet, easy work days because it means that I can do some crucial online window shopping. I now have a long list of shoes that I need to save up for...

026. Made for TV movies are awful. Case in point, anything on TV after 10pm.

027. I should never buy cheap phone cases from eBay. They're very poorly made.

028. I am way too excited about the Royal Wedding. If I'm this excited for somebody else's, how on earth will I be if/when I get married?!

029. I get emotional at weddings!

030. When bored, I will do useful things. Like make cupcakes, import my entire CD collection to my Macbook, and complete things on my ridiculously long to do list. Hello plenty of blogging material for the next month. Maybe I am getting organised after all! (Even though I didn't quite get around to completing my April To Do List. Oops.)

Have you learned anything interesting or exciting about yourself or the world around you this month?

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  1. I'm going through a similar situation with a friend not appreciating our friendship. For some reason she has completely stopped talking to me and I have no clue what's going on in her life. I don't know why she doesn't want to be close friends anymore, and I was quite angry/upset about it for a while but you know what, if someone doesn't appreciate you, they're not worth your valuing them so highly. That's what I've learnt from my experience anyway :) If she wants to hang out, I'm leaving that up to her, but I won't be trying as hard anymore. xxx

  2. Wise words! I think you're right :) xxx

  3. I always love seeing your posts. <3 I hope the situation with your friend works itself out.

    I think what I learned this month is that being sad is so easy; it's being happy that takes all the effort. And that I have a hard time letting go of things and people, even when they're hurting me. Oh! And also that I like the colour orange. :)


  4. Aww thank you :) Me too. I totally agree with you. Positive mental attitude and all that :) Oh me too, but I'm trying much harder to let go of things now. Oo orange is a lovely colour. I'm hooked on all things purple atm :) xxx