Monday, 30 May 2011

Boots Bargains

Morning dolls :)

Whilst I love to spend my hard earned cash *ahem* I am usually a thrifty spender. When I stumbled over this little bargain on Saturday, I had to let you know!

I popped in because I had Advantage Card points to pick up after some recent online purchases. I always have a scroll through the Advantage Card Kiosk offers, and I found 3 really useful vouchers including one for 1/3 off any bath/shower gel, another for 1/3 off toothpaste/toothbrushes and another offering a free 17 Hide & Chic Illuminating Concealer (worth £4.99) with any other 17 purchase.

I picked up the following beauties:

No 7 Metallic Green Eyeliner which is usually £7.75
17 Solo Statuesque Eye Shadow which is usually £3.89
17 Hide & Chic Concealer in Light Rose which is usually £4.99
Radox Shower Smoothie in Soul Soother which is usually £2.80
Aquafresh 3 Way Toothbrush (not pictured) which is usually £2.54

Worth: £21.97
Actual total: £6.30
Savings: A whopping £15.67!

It turns out there was a 3 for 2 offer on make up, which I was totally oblivious to, which meant the 17 eye shadow was free, but the till allowed all vouchers through which meant that I only paid £2.25 for my make up purchases. Win!

As you may be aware, Boots are also currently having a 10 points per pound offer on all transactions over £15 which ends today, at 23:59:59 to be precise. So you better get moving ;) I took advantage of that on a second transaction, and I now have a nice healthy looking points balance to treat myself. May pop down to the new Benefit counter!

Do you utilise the Advantage Card Kiosk offers? Have you picked up any Boots bargains lately?

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  1. Boots are amazing for points and bonuses. I've only used the kiosk once to collect points from an online purchase - will be checking it more now :)

  2. I took advatahe of that offer too this week too with the free 17 concealer and was also surprised at the 3 for 2 got three prducts for £3, amazing :-) x

  3. I went into Boots on Friday to pick my lunch and a prescription but also walked out with 4 different Barry M pinks, 3 for 2 Sanctuary products, and 2 for 2.50 cotton wool pads.

    Now that I'm doing my nails more often I'm getting through cotton wool pads like nobodys business.

    I always forget about the kiosk deals :(

  4. I think Boots Advantage Card points and offers are one of my favourite things in the world!

    p.s. Statuesque eyeshadow is gorgeous.

    Ellie x

  5. Katey - It's definitely worth it if you're trying to keep spending down. And they always have offers on life's essential bits and bobs :) xxx

    Catherine - Amazing value! xxx

    Skin Scrubs - Yeah I used to get through them too. On that note, the nail polish remover tubs from Superdrug are better as you don't need cotton wool! The kiosk is always worth checking out, I need to do it more often xxx

    Ellie - Haha same here! I've earned something like 700+ points since Saturday lol. Win! Oh good :) It looked lush when I swatched it xxx

  6. I hardly ever use the kiosk as my boyfriend says 'it's always the same vouchers' but when I popped in before he met me, I noticed the free concealer and I also used my £5 off No7 to get a make up brush. So I ended up buying 3 items worth £16 but paid £2.50 (I got the extra 17 product for free!)

    I'm not sure this comment makes sense, I'm very tired as I write this haha!


  7. I do think the vouchers can be a bit samey but I'm really glad I checked it out this weekend :) Oh wow cheap as chips lol! It did make sense :) xxx

  8. i always forget to check the kiosk! shame on me what a bargain xx

  9. Same! I'm going to try to remember to do it more often :) xxx