Thursday, 25 March 2010

e.l.f. Order & Quick Review!


If any of you happen to be following e.l.f. cosmetics on Facebook and/or Twitter, you'll know that they regularly give out free shipping codes for orders of £10+ when they reach a new milestone of fans on Facebook. They did this last week, and as I'd just been paid, I took advantage as there were a few things I was interested in getting now that they'd finally had a huge shipment of products to the UK. To see what I bought, and what I thought, read on :)

My order

1 x Blending Eye Brush (£1.50)
I quite like this, it blends really well :)

1 x Nail Polish in Gum Pink (£1.50)
I was a bit disappointed with this because it looks nothing like the swatch on the website :(

1 x Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Warm Tan (£1.50)
Gives a warm, healthy glow

1 x Studio Eyebrow Kit (£3.50)
I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I love it. Rubbish brush though! Too short and doesn't pick up enough product so I use my trusted eye liner brush from Avon

1 x Total Face Brush (£1.50)... or so I'd thought...

They come with their own brush guards - useful!

I opened mine today, eventually - they don't make it easy do they? Then the handle of my brush fell off! I stuck it back in and it's fine now. Love the brush too, it's quite soft.

Haha I just checked my order and realised that I accidentally ordered 2 Total Face Brushes. Oops! What an idiot! If anyone wants to buy it off me £1.50 + 50p for P&P then drop me a comment - first comment asking for it will get it :) UK PayPal buyers only please :)

Did you take advantage of the recent free shipping code? What did you get?

If you didn't, and thought you'd missed out, fear not!!!! There is another free shipping code!! SPRINGCODE35UK for UK buyers or SPRINGCODE35EU for EU buyers. Offer ends 8pm GMT TONIGHT!! Applies to orders of £10+ Happy spending!!
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  1. Ill take the brush hunny.

  2. I just randomly ordered some stuff from them last night, I got some of the studio brushes and quite a bit of makeup... I'm excited for it to come now!
    Looks like you got some great stuff too xx

  3. Jo - I'll invoice you now :)

    Tor - I can't wait to see what you get :)

  4. argh, dont tempt me to order haha.

    I love the eye brush.

  5. Haha sorry :p I used the eye brush today, I quite like it :) x