Thursday, 4 March 2010

Shopping Haul

Hello all :)

I finally got paid this week (grr at the university finance department!) and so I decided to head into Lincoln to see what offers were to be had. Warning: pic heavy post!

The first obligatory stop was Primark. I'm not a fan of the Lincoln Primarks (yes we have 2 for some odd reason). I went to the larger store and as per usual, it was a complete mess. Luckily I had time to kill before meeting a friend so I had a rifle through the clothes racks. There wasn't an awful lot that took my fancy and I ended up mostly getting a bunch of accessories, a couple of bags and a cardi:

L-R: Headband £1, Pearl & Bow Necklace £2.50, Flower Necklace £6

L-R: Stripey bag £6, Butterfly Weekender bag £6, Butterfly scarf £2

Navy waterfall cardi £10

Total spend: £33.50

Second stop was Superdrug. Somebody on Twitter (sorry I can't remember who!) told me that Superdrug currently had an offer on GOSH products. I had a look and it was buy any 2 GOSH items and get a Light'N Shine Lip Glaze for free. FOR FREE!!! They're worth £8.50! I needed another concealer so I got that plus they had the apparently illusive Rainbow nail polish in stock, so I snapped that up too. There are 6 shades of the Light'N Shine Lip Glaze. I already had 03, so I picked up 04 as the other shades weren't really my bag. Maybe if I was feeling a little more adventurous lol!

Total spend (inc. student discount): £11.02 <-- Wtf? Why 2p lol?

After looking around a range of other stores and being thoroughly disappointed with what I found, I nipped into Boots because I wanted to get Soap & Glory Super Eyes whilst it was a third off. So I got this for £5.33 instead of £8. After my product rave about Rimmel's Lycra Pro Nail Polish, I picked up the Clear version and Pop Rose whilst they were also on offer at 2 for £6:

Total spend: £11.24 <-- If you spend over £5 you get a £5 voucher for No. 7 valid until March 28th. I'll be getting No. 7's Extravagant Lashes Mascara as I've been lusting after this for a while! Roll on next pay day!

On a separate note, I bought this month's Glamour magazine as they are giving away James Brown hair products. I picked up the Moisturizing Conditioner version. Worth £10! The magazine is just £2 :D

That's all for today folks! Have you picked up any bargains lately?
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  1. Oooh I shall be picking up Glamour for sure! Great bargain hauling lady! xx

  2. That Gosh Rainbow polish is one of my favourites, I love wearing it over black :) And I picked up the Rimmel pro nail varnish in pop rose recently too - its such a lovely pink!

  3. I saw it over black and decided I had to have it, so I was over the moon when I found it in Superdrug! Oh yay! I've been hunting for a pink like this for aggggges xx

  4. Ooh those primark bags are lovely! xo

  5. Your so lucky, we don't even have one in the whole of North Yorkshire!
    Love the cardigan and the pearl necklace :).
    Ooftt, think Im gonna get myself down Boots for the Rimmel Lycra Pro, I think they're brilliant too :) can you do a NOTD please & thankyou!

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  7. Jennie - Aren't they just? Bargains too! xox

    Charlotte - Oh no that's rubbish! Haha you read my mind, I think I'm going to do my nails tonight with Pop Rose. Or maybe Rainbow over black :D Decisions, decisions! xox

  8. I love the stripey bag! So cute! xoxo

  9. Great bargins, I esp like that stripy bag. Pretty amazing haul for the price!

  10. It's my Scrooge like student spending ethic :D x

  11. OMG! I'm in love with your scarf!!! SO pretty! :) You, guys, are so lucky to get extras with magazines. We don't get anything and pay more than 5 EUR for a single magazine. And we have UK edition of Glamour for 7 EUR without any extras (I wonder why)! That's why I don't buy magazines. lol

  12. Thanks :) Oh no, that's a shame :( x

  13. I loved the butterfly bag etc last week when I was in Primark, unfortunately by then I had spent out! It always seems to be the last shop i go into as it's close to the bus station :(

    I saw the James Brown offer in Co-op today but because I hadn't heard of it before and didn't know if it was worth getting, I didn't buy it. Maybe I should go back and purchase it!?

    Tobii-Rhea xx

  14. Oh and I forgot to mention that Superdrug have an offer on Barry M makeup at the moment. Buy 2 (or 3, I can't remember) items and get a free Kohl pencil.

  15. Oh no :( Well it's only £2 so why not lol? I like the product but not the smell, so if you don't like heavily scented products, I'd give it a miss :) xox