Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mineral Mayhem

Hello :)

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Ladies, I'd like some advice, if you will. I've always loved mineral pigments, and lately I've come to realise that I prefer them over normal eye shadows just because the colour pay-off is amazing, I can create some great effects with them, and they don't crease or fade etc.

I've seen loads of bloggers lately that have done massive mineral hauls and yes, I'm lusting over every post I see. This is where you guys come in!

In your opinion, where is the best website to buy mineral pigments from?

I'm talking best quality, best pigmentation, best order turnaround time, best price etc etc. I'd be incredibly grateful if you could let me know in the comments :)
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  1. Honestly woman, getttt yourself to for some more About Face before they close down. EVERYTHING is $2.50, you know how amazing they are. Unfortunately they do take like 2-3 weeks for delivery but it's so worth it :D
    I also highly recommend Sassy Minerals, their samples are only $0.75 and come in jars rather than plastic bags, aaand are pretty generous. :D

  2. Okies lol when I get paid, I'm ordering :D I am in LOVE with the minerals you sent me so I simply must purchase more! xox

  3. Goodness!

    Morgana Minerals
    Sassy Minerals
    Evil Shades
    Hi-Fi Cosmetics
    High Voltage Cosmetics
    Stardust Cosmetics

    those are all my favorites :)

    Links are all on my sidebar if you'd like them. They all offer cheap samples so it's really great! For Sassy though, don't trust the website images- the colors are almost all REALLY bright and vibrant in real life.

    Hope you order/enjoy from some of these great places :)

  4. I really like:

    - Alima Pure and Sassy Minerals: cheap samples, nice foundations, great pigmentation, samples come in clear jars, reasonable shipping.

    - Fyrinnae, they state that "Fyrinnae is not a "mineral" makeup company" though. Plus they're busy nowadays, so might take some time. But the colour choice is phenomenal! And, they offer free shipping worldwide if your order exceeds 20 USD. They also carry fantastic lip stuff! Powder Primer and Pixie Epoxy are Must Have! :) Samples come in clear jars.

    - Aromaleigh - fast shipping, great colour selection, promotion codes, 3 free samples of your choice with every order, cheap samples, but samples come in plastic baggies. Keep in mind that Aromaleigh's shop will be closed from 22.3 till some day in April.

    I wanted to try The She Space at first, but now I won't. Read tons of reviews. Their eyeshadows seem to be just ok (average?), nothing super unique or complex, as those mentioned above. But than again, I can't be sure as I've never ordered from them. :/

    Check my reviews for more info.

  5. Oh! How could I forget about Hi-Fi? Cheap & generous samples, cheap shipping (1,5 USD for International!), great pigmentation, free samples with your order. :)

  6. Thanks so much guys, that's really helpful!! I'll check out your reviews and make some orders :) xox