Friday, 5 March 2010

Review: MAC Angel Lipstick

Hello :)

A few days ago, the lovely Jo was selling this lippie, so I decided to snap it up. It was on my wish list and I'd come into some cash via eBay,and I thought I deserved to treat myself. To know what I think, read on :)



*no flash*

MAC say: Soft pink frost

I say: Agreed. I've been looking for a light pink shade for a while now, so when the opportunity came my way, I didn't hesitate to buy it. Absolutely love the colour!


MAC say: Well, erm, nothing. On the lipstick section of the website, it does state: Colour plus texture for the lips.

I say: Personally, I apply my lippies from the bullet. I can't be faffed with lip brushes, but that's ok because obviously, I'm the only person that uses them. I think the colour applies well. I apply mine over a lip balm. This could however be my downfall, as I find it comes off fairly easily, especially when I have a drink or something to eat. I expected the staying power of MAC to be a little more long lasting to be honest. Maybe this is just me though? Any pointers would be gratefully received! I'm not overly keen on the texture of this lipstick. I suspect this is because it is a frost. Are all the frost finishes like this? Perhaps I'm better suited to a different finish. A quick slick of clear lipgloss over the top, and problem sorted. Overall, I like the colour and I'll keep on wearing it. Also, it smells GORGEOUS!!! "What does it smell of?" I hear you cry. Vanilla. Sugary sweet vanilla. Oh MAC how I love thee <3


Ok well, technically no swatches, cos my camera is a proper pain in the backside and won't focus close up. So I took a picture of Angel in action:

Price: £12.50
Size: 3g
Available from: MAC

Product: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Repurchase: When it runs out, if I haven't found a cheaper dupe then yes I would

Have you bought Angel? Do you like it? Is it on your wish list? Let me know :)

P.S. To any MAC experts out there - can anyone enlighten me about the finishes of the lipsticks? Would I be better suited to a different finish, i.e. one with a smoother texture than a frost?
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  1. Hey there,
    I've swatched angel in store a few times and it's such a lovely pink :)
    My experience with MAC lipsticks has been that they last really well.
    I must say I don't apply lip balm before application because I think they're all really moisurising on, even my favourite finish the mattes as they have a subtle sheen.
    My favourite MAC lipstick finishes are probably matte, as mentioned, aplified creams, satins and though the colour payoff isn't as strong for the lustres I like that they're buildable and have a nice texture.

  2. Hiya :) Thanks for the info xox

  3. Oh it looks lovely!
    I am yet to own a Mac lippie... I'm thinking the Gaga one might be my first!

  4. So glad you are happy with it hunny :) it looks so much nicer on your lips than mine, obviously weve got totally different Lip pigmentation. I prefer Satins, they are my fave.


  5. Tor - Oo go for it! I'm definitely ordering Gaga. It'll have to wait til I get paid though x

    Jo - It's odd how lipsticks look different on different people isn't it? Oo I'll have to order a Satin one :) xox