Sunday, 7 March 2010

My Nail Polish Collection


I thought I'd show you my nail polish collection :)

I've organized the polishes by brand and then at the end, by colour. I've found that I actually don't have nearly as many polishes as I thought I had. Definitely need to expand my collection!


L-R: Jester, Topaz, Wicked

Barry M


L-R: Pearly Pink, Strictly Red

George @ Asda

L-R: Blue Lagoon, Indigo Dazzle, Smog, Deceit


Konad - haha lonely!
Special Nail Polish in White

Nails Inc

L-R: Crystal Clear, Oyster Pink, Pop Rose, Pop Apricot, Baby Pink, Pompous

The entire collection in all it's erm, glory

And my storage. Terrible, I know. 

An old lunchbox haha! I seriously need to get some proper storage. I just put all of this into my makeup drawer in my desk. Do you have any recommendations?

Ok, so that's it. If there's anything anybody would like me to 'swatch' for them or if you have any ideas of manis I could do (seriously lacking in inspiration atm) then feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to sort it out for you :)
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