Saturday, 13 March 2010


Hi de hi

When I was on eBay last week, I finally decided to buy some nail art dotting tools. For £2.99 I got 5 double ended tools and they were delivered within 2 working days. Very impressed. I used them a couple of days ago, and came up with this:
*no flash*

Products used:
Rimmel Lycra Pro in Pop Rose
GOSH Wild Lilac
Nails Inc China Town
Rimmel Wear Maxx Baby Pink
Konad Special Polish in White
Dotting Tools

A lot of people ask me how to get polka dot nails and how I do my leopard print designs freehand. The answer is dotting tools! I bought mine here. Cheap as chips if you fancy investing :)
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  1. uhhhhhhhhhm ok,
    you need to stop,
    being so good at doing your nails!!!
    ahah, they always look so fab and these aren't an exception :)

  2. Haha aww thank you Kate :) x

  3. Yaaay for dotting tools! I've done three polkadot manis in a row in the last few days.. I'm addicted again! xo

  4. I'm like that too, once I start I can't stop! I'm stocking up on some pastel polishes next Friday courtesy of George @ Asda so I'll be going polka dot mad in the next week or so! xox

  5. I love polka dots, I went nuts when I got my tools too. You want something really cute? Try polka dotting your toes, OMG it looks so adorable !!

  6. I can't believe I hadn't thought of doing that! I'm totally on to it next time I do my nails :D xox

  7. LOVE this, so getting dotting tools!